Project Zero Coffee Bar

Project Zero Coffee Bar is on a mission to be Australia's lowest waste coffee shop!  We have to be realistic that 100% zero waste coffee is a high ideal, but we can certainly give it our best 'shot' (coffee shot that is). So, here's our plan to do coffee differently, with as little waste as possible...

LOCATION: the Biome store, 216 Riding Road, Balmoral QLD
OPEN: Monday to Saturday, 8am to 2pm

Of course, numero uno, there's no single use cups, nor any disposable straws, cutlery, or stirrers. Instead, please bring Bring Your Own, borrow one from our free mug library, or, get yourself a forever reusable coffee cup in store and you'll receive the great deal of two free coffees!

We aim to go further than just not offering takeaway cups, but before we expand on that, here's a bit more specialness: 

  • Our prices are low, because you "only pay for the coffee, not the waste".
  • We're vegan friendly, so there's no surcharge for mylks. 
  • We care for the people who grow the coffee, so we've chosen Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee from the lovely people at Bun Coffee Byron Bay, who take sustainability seriously. 
  • We're focussed on reducing carbon miles with our supplies, so have sourced from as close to Brisbane as we can.
  • Our whole store is powered by Green Power with zero carbon emissions.

Zero Waste Coffee ShopWe love inspiring change!

Organic Fair Trade Vegan Coffee ShopNo extra for vegan mylks 

Coffee Mug LibraryFree mug library

What does “zero waste” look like?

Zero waste means that all discarded materials become resources for others to use through either Reuse, Recycling, or Rotting (composting).   

In store, you'll find a chart where we map how we're going with our Project of turning each type of 'waste' into a 'resource'.  For example:

  • Our coffee grinds go to composting and making coffee scrub soap bars.
  • Bun Coffee is supplied in bags that are certified home compostable.
  • Any cardboard packaging is sent to our online store to be shredded and used for packing parcels.
  • All soft plastics are sent to RedCycle for recycling.
  • Plastic milk bottles from local Barambah Organics are recycled, and bottle tops go to Ocean Crusaders.
  • Cleaning: compostable Swedish dish cloths and refillable cleaning spray.

Most importantly, our coffee is delicious, and we look forward to serving you soon at 216 Riding Road, Balmoral (suburb of Brisbane), Queensland.

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Proud to be part of Responsible Cafes.

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