Camping Lights

An essential part of any good camping setup is a good light, or two. Without one, you are left at the mercy of the sunlight, and it becomes a mad scramble to finish setting up, cooking, cleaning up and getting to bed before the sun sets.

With Biome's growing range of LED camping lights, you can illuminate your setup with peace of mind. We have string lights, perfect for lighting large areas or hanging under cover, stand-alone lights, perfect for lighting a tent or table and headlamps to keep you lit on the go!

With all products being rechargeable and made to last, sleep soundly in your sleeping bag knowing that you are minimising the number of batteries and manufacturing required to light your camping trip. Check out the Biolite Solar Panel for unlimited power from the sun!

Having trouble deciding? Check out our blog post on Everything You Need to Know About Camping Lights for some pointers.

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