Dog Nappies

Most dog nappies and puppy nappies are disposable, but there is no need for waste with our Dundies reusable dog nappies. Life changing for your pet and for you, you can get nappies for dogs on heat, with incontinence, senior pets, toilet training and travel accidents, as well as nappies for dogs after surgery.

Biome founder, Tracey, has two old age rescue dogs that had not been toilet trained.  "I put a belly band on each night to make life less stressful for them. I often wondered can dogs wear nappies? Well, not only does the nappy work, but when I put a nappy on my dog he's more likely to stay in his bed and not hop up and wee."

The beauty of a reusable dog nappy is they are much cost-effective in the long run.  Disposable nappies cost around $2 each, whereas you can buy one washable nappy that last for years.

We have chosen to stock Dundies pet nappies at Biome because they are made in Australia by a women led business, and they are high quality and designed in consultation with vets.

All in One Nappies: Ideal for female dog urine and faecal incontinence, male dog faecal incontinence, overnight use. 

Snappies: Female dogs on heat, female dogs with light bladder leakage and light urine incontinence.

Belly Bands: ideal for male dogs with urinary concerns.

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Keep your pet comfortable and your home clean with high-quality, Australian made dog nappies by Dundies. Forget the disposable dog nappies, we offer reusable dog nappies in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any breed, including small dog nappies. Our nappies are perfect dog incontinence nappies, and nappies for dogs on heat, or during their period. Our male and female dog nappies are specially designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for your pet.

When you need to buy dog nappies, Biome has you covered with eco-friendly options that will reduce your carbon footprint and landfill. Whether you're shopping for dog nappies at Petbarn or any other pet store, we will match the price.

Investing in a nappy for dogs can help you keep your home clean and your pet happy. Don't forget yourbiodegradable dog waste bagsto dispose of dog poo.


Can dogs wear nappies?

Yes, dogs can wear nappies, just like humans. Just be sure to choose high quality nappies from reputable brands that have been specially designed to provide comfort and hygiene. I would avoid 'no name' nappies made in China. It is important to follow the use instructions and only put the nappy on when necessary and for limited periods of time. Just like disposable nappies for babies, disposable dog nappies are filled with some nasty petrochemical absorbent crystals that are not healthy for dogs or the environment.

Can you buy nappies for dogs?

Yes, you can buy nappies for dogs online at Biome, and pet stores, along with all your ,green pet products. Of course, we recommend looking for reusable dog nappies in Australia that avoid petrochemical waste and landfill.

Do dog nappies work?

Yes, the best dog nappies work very well for a variety of needs, including incontinence, heat cycles, and periods. They are designed to be absorbent and prevent leaks.

Choose a style that suits either a male dog or a female dog. Some nappies are designed just for wee and some are for poo also. They also work nappies for old dogs.