You Can Get Refills for That?!

Purchasing refills or items in bulk will save packaging waste, reduce waste ending up in landfill, and will often save you money too (it's often cheaper per kg/ml). And you won't believe the kind of things you can buy in bulk or buy refills for. From Bokashi grain to dental floss, deodorant to soapberries, read on as we share some of our most popular refill options.You can get refills for that?! | Refill and bulk options at Biome Eco Stores

Eco Floss Vegan Dental Floss

You can get refills for that?! | Refill and bulk options at Biome Eco Stores Eco Floss is a vegan dental floss that is made from renewable plant resources (PLA) rather than petrochemicals, and packaged in plastic free packaging. The single roll of floss comes in its own reusable glass and metal lid container, while the refill pack comes with two rolls and is packaged in recyclable cardboard. Learn more about and purchase Eco Floss here >

Bokashi Grain

You can get refills for that?! | Refill and bulk options at Biome Eco Stores Do you use a Bokashi system to minimise the waste you send to landfill? If you do, you'd be familiar with the grain that carries the effective micro-organisms that ferment the waste. For a long time that grain came packaged in plastic, but not anymore! Our 4kg packs of Bokashi grain are now packaged in biodegradable hessian bags, plus you can purchase Bokashi grain in bulk in our store using your own refillable container. Shop Bokashi grain here > Bokashi grain is thoroughly dried so it can be stored for years with no loss of effectiveness. The dry ingredients in the mix are simply a carrier and food source for the micro-organisms which are dormant when dry in the packaging and activate again when added to your waste. Bokashi ferments the waste in the Bokashi bucket, eliminating unpleasant odours. When the waste is buried in the soil, the mix accelerates the breakdown of the waste and adds life and nutrients to the soil. This mix can also be used as a great compost starter!


You can get refills for that?! | Refill and bulk options at Biome Eco Stores Soapberries (also known as soap nuts) - you've probably heard of them by now. They're a popular natural laundry detergent, that are hypoallergenic, grey water safe, palm oil free and vegan. But did you know their use extends beyond the laundry? In fact, there are lots of ways to use soapberries to clean around they home. Use them to make your own all purpose cleaner or dish detergent, or try them out as a shampoo or body wash. Find seven ways to use soapberries to clean around the home here > Soapberries are available to purchase in plastic free packs up to 1kg, or you can buy them in bulk using your own reusable container at any of our stores.

Witch Hazel

 Biome's witch hazel is just that - 100% pure witch hazel. We don't add any alcohol, preservatives or fragrances to ours, and therefore it is ok to use on irritated and acne prone skin. It's actually a great multipurpose product. As an astringent, it works to cleanse, tone as well as soothe skin. Swipe over skin using a reusable cotton pad in the morning and evening or spritz during the day as needed. It is also useful to spritz on grazes to help heal, on eczema, sunburn and shaving rash. Biome's witch hazel is available in a 100ml glass spray bottle. You can refill or reuse this bottle for something else when you are finished with it. You can also bring your own bottle into to one of our stores and buy the quantity you like. Find Biome's witch hazel online here >

Goodeau Natural Deodorant

Our customers are loving the Good + Clean range of natural cream to powder deodorants. They feel great to apply and keep you feeling good all day, plus they're Australian made, plastic free, vegan, palm oil free, cruelty free, and contain no petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients, aluminium, bi-carb or harmful toxins. And now, you can purchase this fantastic brand of natural deodorant in bulk in any of our stores using your own clean container. Please be sure that any container you use for refilling skin care is super clean! Find Good + Clean here >

Eco Minerals Foundation Powder

You can get refills for that?! | Refill and bulk options at Biome Eco Stores Eco minerals mineral foundation powder provides lightweight buildable coverage with a long-wearing matte finish. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily or combination, simply apply to your face and neck using a kabuki brush for a natural look that lasts all day. Eco Minerals products are made in the Byron Bay region from high quality natural ingredients. The products that we stock in the range are all palm oil free and vegan. We love that there are 12 different shades of foundation powder to choose from, and that you can purchase refills for when your container runs out, helping you reduce plastic packaging waste and production. Shop Eco Minerals here >

Pure Liquid Castile Soap

You can get refills for that?! | Refill and bulk options at Biome Eco Stores Pure, authentic Castile soap made from olive oil is so versatile. Use it to clean around the home, as a general purpose cleaner or floor cleaner. You can even use it as a body wash, shampoo, hand wash and to wash your dog. It is gentle and effective and such a great multipurpose product to keep on hand. Our pure castile soap is made traditionally in Australia using 100% olive oil! It doesn't contain things like palm or coconut oils, preservatives and fragrances. Use as it is, or thin with some distilled water, and add essential oils to create your own scent. Our unscented pure liquid castile soap comes in a 250ml reusable glass pump bottle. You can also purchase it in bulk in our stores using your own reusable bottle. Shop our pure liquid castile soap here >

More Refillable Items You Can Purchase at Biome:

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