Meet Our Biome Brand Ambassadors: Our Sunkissed Days

Family (Our Sunkissed Days) at Australia's southern most point pointing at sign with distances to Australian cities

Meet Our Sunkissed Days, one of our wonderful Biome Brand Ambassadors. Matt and Tash, along with their kids Isobel and Ryan, and dog Bliss have been travelling around Australia full-time for the last 20 months. As a family, they do their best to be low tox and sustainable. Read on for our chat with Tash. 

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What are some of your favourite places you’ve visited so far?

Our favourite places, ooooh this is a tough question. Honestly, Australia is so beautiful and each area has its own special energy its hard to choose. But if I had to choose; Uluru, Dampier Peninsula, The Gibb, Ningaloo, and Sandy Cape. 

 What challenges have you faced travelling full time while being low tox and sustainably minded?

Our biggest challenge trying to be sustainable is the lack of recycling in remote areas. We do collect bottles for the 10c and the kids do that for pocket money but when we are out of a town for a long time carrying the extra bottles takes up a lot of space. We did have an issue with the chemicals that go in the grey water tank and toilet but we found an amazing product called Pro Power it controls the odour and sludge naturally which is awesome and works really well. 

What is your favourite Biome product or brand?

Oh a favourite Biome product, there are so many! Hands down I am always recommending the PlanetBoxes, even when travelling or for picnics they are awesome and the travel bag is handy for the kids to carry their own food and water. 

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