Natural Dog Shampoo

Welcome to your go-to destination for all things vegan, natural and non toxic when it comes to dog shampoo in Australia!  All the dog shampoo choices available at Biome are palm oil free and free from all synthetic fragrances, SLS and artificial colours as they can irritate your furry friend's skin and coat.

Hypoallergenic formulas ensure they are suitable for sensitive skin, are moisturising for dry skin, and contain flea and tick repellent essential oils that are pet safe. 

Our dog shampoo is also eco-friendly because they contain only plant based biodegradable ingredients that are kind to the environment.  We also believe in cruelty-free practices, which is why our dog shampoos are palm oil free and not tested on animals.

Choose from a solid pet shampoo bar or we also have a liquid shampoo by Dindi Naturals.

As an Australian-based company, we are proud to only offer dog shampoos that are made in Australia.  

You can buy our dog shampoos online here with fast delivery across Australia or in our physical stores. Our vegan and natural dog shampoos are a popular choice among pet owners, and we are confident that you and your dog will love them too. 

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