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It is today's children who will see the benefit of our efforts to tackle climate change.

Biome's collection of eco friendly baby and child products is the safest, gentlest collection of products you will find. We have carefully screened every product to ensure no nasty chemicals or harsh ingredients will come into contact with your kids.

As they will inherit the earth from us, it is important to use only the finest non-toxic baby care products. All of our baby & child products are non-toxic, BPA free and palm oil free.

There are many harmful ingredients found in standard baby products available at supermarkets. Our collection of baby balms, child tooth care, skin care, teethers and toys are made from all natural ingredients, so you know you have nothing less than nature's best.

  • Organic Baby Skin Care

  • Nursing Supplies

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  • Natural Children's Toothpaste

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Featured: Pekpi

Pekpi produce a wide range of reusable nappies, wet bags and other related accessories. Not only are these reusable nappies great for the environment, they are super cute. Check them out today to save money and reduce waste.

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Common Solutions

Is regular baby powder any good for the environment... or your baby!?

To see a DIY solutions to this problem, check out our hugely popular DIY Baby Powder recipe.

I've been spending a fortune on nappies. Not to mention the piles of waste they create!

Rejoice! There is no longer a need to buy disposable nappies.

Disposable nappies create a huge amount of waste every year. This is not only terrible for the environment, but also expensive, and can be unpleasant when your bin is full!

Reusable nappies are the ultimate solution to all of these problems. Instead of using hundreds or even thousands of disposable nappies, you may only need 5 or 6 reusable pairs. This will save you piles of money in the long run, and prevent you ever needing to rush to the store for an emergency resupply.

Simply wash your reusable nappies as they become dirty and you'll never look back!

Baby Wipes, how bad are they?

Baby wipes are another commoly used product that create mountains of waste. They are often disposed of incorrectly, clogging up sewerage systems and making their way into the ocean. To learn more about this issue, see our blog post on the topic.

A great ecofriendly alternative to baby wipes are organic cotton reusable wipes. Similar to reusable nappies, reusable wipes can simply be washed and used again... and again... and again...

I'm worried about my child being exposed to toxins or harmful chemicals.

This is one of the most common concerns that we get from parents. Often, a small bit of research becomes overwhelming as you discover new artifical flavours & colours, harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients at every turn. Fear not! For over 20 years, Biome has been doing the hard work for you.

Our collection of BPA free baby bottles is an essential for that toxin free peace of mind. Our range features functional, durable bottles that you can trust to be BPA and toxin free.

Another popular range is our collection of Safe Soothers & Teethers. These are made from pure, natural rubber, with no harmful dyes or chemical colours. We also have teething toys made from wood & amber.

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Featured: Milkco

Milkco supplies products that make collecting colostrum and breastmilk a breeze, leaving mothers feeling more prepared heading into their exciting new journey.

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