Baby Quoddle

The world's first completely petrochemical plastic free baby bottle!

We love this fantastic Australian invention. Baby Quoddle was invented by a Queensland family who could not find a baby bottle that contained no plastic parts at all for their baby. The bottle itself is made from borosilicate glass, the teat from pure hevea rubber (sap from a tree) and the packaging is either woven from palm fronds or made from paper!

With an easy to attach teat and bottle cap to seal the bottle when not in use. Free from hardening agents and any harmful chemical compounds and perfectly shaped for composite or bottle feeding. All components are free of BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC.

For years, Biome has sought a completely plastic free bottle because the stainless steel bottles and Lifefactory bottles we stock, while high quality and effective, still used a silicone teat and plastic compnents. By the way, silicone is a petrochemical product, it is not plastic free" in the petrochemical sense as some would have you believe.



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