Dog Poop Bags

Biome's eco-friendly dog poop bags are one of two necessities for a walk with your furry friend (the other being a leash).

The problem with most biodegradable dog poop bags is that, like so much of our world, they are made of petroleum plastic. At Biome, we only stock dog waste bags that are biodegradable and home compostable because they are made of plants, not petrol.  Firstly, this means that the doggy doo bags are made from a renewable resource, such as corn starch, rather than extracting non-renewable and polluting petroleum.  Secondly, it means that you can compost the bag and contents at home, either using your in-ground Ensopet Bokashi compost bin, or a closed compost heap or worm farm*.  If you don't have this option, please put in your landfill bin.

The other question here is what is the appropriate word to use for 'dog waste'!  We've gone with poop as it seems a little more polite!  But why not dog poo?

Buy our bulk poop bags on rolls of 300, small rolls, or an unpackaged pad of 50 black bags like you see in the dog park.  Make the transition to biodegradable dog poo bags today.

If you're struggling with an incontinent pet, check out our reusable dog nappies.

* If your dog has recently been de-wormed, their faeces are likely to kill the worms in your compost. Additionally, dog waste should not be placed with compost that will come into contact with food or food bearing plants.

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