Bread bag

Keep your bread fresh and reduce plastic waste with an eco-friendly bread bag. These reusable bags are made from organic cotton or recycled plastic fabric, and are designed to fit most loaves of bread. Choose a bread bag that is easy to wash and store, and can also be used for other baked goods. Whether you bake your own bread or buy it from a local bakery, our eco-friendly bread bag will help you:

  • Reduce food waste - bread bags can help bread stay fresher longer. 
  • Replace single-use plastic bread bags toggles and ties.
  • Prevent freezer burn if you freeze your bread.
  • Just remember to pop the bread bag in you market day basket and have it ready for the bread stall.

For more tools and books to help you make your own bread, see our bread making section.  Don't miss the popular Little Bread Winner bread sawOnya, the original reusable bread bag, has been stocked at Biome for about 10 years!


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What is a bread bag?

A bread bag is a wonderful invention that keeps your bread fresh and delicious for longer. It is a reusable bag that you can seal to protect your bread from drying out or getting mouldy. You can use bread bags to store your homemade bread, or to buy bread from the bakery or market. Bread bags are also great for freezing bread, so you can enjoy it later. A bread bag is a a simple but effective way to enjoy your bread and save waste.