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When you have a baby, you want what's best for them, and you do everything in your power to assure they are safe and healthy. But did you know that many baby products on the market contain ingredients derived from petrochemicals and palm oil, as well as other harmful toxins?  Some of the ingredients may also be compromising the environment they will one day inherit.

At Biome, the only baby care products that we stock are those that are made from simple, natural ingredients, safe for baby, 100% free from palm oil, and produced and packaged responsibly. This is why we love the Nature's Child product range--the simple things parents use every day in the purest form possible.  

Why Nature's Child?

Biome stocks a large range of Nature's Child baby products, including their popular bottom balm, wonder balm, talc free baby powder, baby massage oil, baby wash and reusable baby wipes.  For mothers, we also stock nipple balm and reusable breast pads made from organic cotton.

The Nature's Child range is particularly special for many reasons.  

Palm Oil Free

At Biome, the products that we sell are 100% free palm oil, and we were the first retail store in the world to be approved by Palm Oil Investigations. The palm oil and logging industries in Malaysia and Indonesia are sending orangutans and tigers to extinction, and subjecting them to horrific cruelty along the way. Palm oil is a hidden ingredient in many baby products. It is disguised under names such as Glycerine, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Polyglyceryl Dipolyhydroxystearate, Caprylic Triglyceride and Cetyl Alcohol among many others, and even if it is certified Cruelty Free, Organic or Vegan, this is no indicator of it being palm free.

So we are extremely passionate about the fact the entire Nature's Child range is 100% free of palm oil and palm oil derived ingredients. By being palm oil free, Nature's Child products are not only helping you and your bub, but the environment that they will one day inherit too.  Read more here on why Biome is palm oil free.

Zero Waste

Nature's Child products are focused on reusability, such as reusable face wipes and breast pads which can be washed and used over and over again. Reusing products will not only mean less ends up in landfill, but it also helps you save money that would otherwise be spent on disposables.

At the end of their life, products such as the organic cotton face wipes and breast pads can be composted, while the jars and containers can be reused or recycled.  

reusable face wipes organic cotton


Australian Certified Organic

All Nature's Child products are Certified Organic to Australian standards. That means no chemicals, toxins or unnatural production methods leeching into the ingredients. In fact Nature's Child were the first baby brand to be Certified Organic in Australia and remain the most recognised Certified Organic baby brand in Australia to date. Their independently audited Organic Certification is your guarantee of their purity and honesty in their claims.  Another GOTS certified organic choice is Organic Nights children's winter pyjamas.


Australian Made and Owned

Nature's Child was born in the beachside town of Byron Bay in July 2000. As an Australian-owned business with Australian-made products, buying Nature's Child means you're supporting local businesses, suppliers and producers. This is also good for the environment as all products have a lower-carbon footprint: less travel between the producer and consumer means less carbon emissions and a happier environment for your child to explore.  


Natural, Toxin Free, Petrochemical Free Ingredients

Nature's Child products contain just simple, natural ingredients, that are biodegradable and safe for both baby and child. Unlike many mainstream baby products, you will not find any toxins or petrochemicals in Nature's Child.

Gluten Free

If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, gluten products may cause problems if absorbed or inadvertently digested into the body. With gluten-free baby products, you avoid this possibility for both you and your baby.  


Shop Nature's Child Organic Baby Products at Biome

Our Nature's Child range has got everything you need to naturally and sustainably care for your baby.

Shop the entire Nature's Child range here >  

Organic Baby Powder Nature's Child - organic baby care products

Nature's Child organic baby powder is free from talc* and synthetic ingredients making it a much safer baby powder to use on your baby's bottom. Use it to prevent chafing, rashes, and soothe irritation with added lavender oil. 

*Talc is the softest mineral on earth, but talc deposits are often found near asbestos. Until recently nearly all baby powder was made from talc and may have been contaminated with asbestos, leading to three U.S. jury verdicts linking regular use of J&J talcum powder to ovarian cancer.  

Shop organic baby powder

Organic Baby Massage Oil Nature's Child - organic baby care products

This organic massage oil is perfect for baby massaging after bath time. Not only does it moisturise skin, massage can promote relaxation and bonding for both parent and baby. This massage oil is free from palm oil, petrochemicals, and synthetic perfumes.


Bottom Balm Nature's Child - organic baby care products

This award winning bottom balm soothes irritations, sores and dryness, and is a must for mums to keep on hand. Made with 100% natural ingredients that are biodegradable, it is Certified Organic and free from petrochemicals.

Shop bottom balm 

Wonder Balm Nature's Child - organic baby care products

Going by our customer feedback, this wonder balm really is wonderful! With a range of organic ingredients and essential oils, this balm can remedy many skin conditions from your baby and the whole family. And of course, it's sans petrochemicals. Shop wonder balm  

Nipple Balm Nature's Child - organic baby care products

Nature's Child nipple balm is great for soothing tender, dry and cracked nipples, as well as nipple thrush. Unlike thick nipple creams that may aggravate sensitive skin, this balm is super emollient for easy and quick application. It's also the only nipple balm with an Australian organic certification. Shop nipple balm

Reusable Breast Pads Nature's Child - organic baby care products

These soft, organic cotton breast pads protect your clothes from leaking breast milk and are an essential in your baby bag. Unlike other breast pads, these are reusable and washable, saving you money and avoiding landfill waste with a natural alternative. You can find our range of breast pads here, including Nature's Child light and discreet pads, daytime/ regular pads, and night time/ large pads.  

Reusable Baby Wipes Nature's Child Reusable Baby Wipes

Avoid the cost, waste and chemicals of disposable baby wipes with these organic reusable ones. These soft wipes have organic flannelette cotton on one side and absorbent terry towelling on the other. Just wet these wipes and wash when needed. Shop reusable baby wipes

Reusable Face Wipes Nature's Child - organic baby care products

Soft, small, organic cotton wipes you can use on your child's face and body. Use dry or add water and throw them in with your regular wash.

Shop reusable face wipes here >



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