Meet Our Biome Brand Ambassadors: Ash

Ash and her two daughters swimming

Meet Ash, the lovely human behind The Wholesome Van Life and one of our Biome Ambassadors. Ash and her family are living full-time in a caravan, slowly making their way around Australia. Her daughters are her biggest motivation to living a more holistic, health focused, low tox lifestyle. Read on to learn more about Ash and her adventures.

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What challenges have you faced travelling while being low tox and sustainably minded?

Waste has been a big challenge travelling, and especially in campsites/places where there isn’t easy access to waste disposal/recycling. We are trying really hard to limit waste as much as possible but even food waste takes up a lot of room and without a composting system its been a huge adjustment having to throw all of that in the general rubbish. So that has been a big challenge and one we are still working on a good solution for. 

As for a low tox perspective one of the biggest challenges is being exposed to a lot of second hand fumes etc that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to living in a house for example. Caravanning in the great outdoors is lovely but sometimes caravanning finds you in congested caravan parks or campgrounds where you are exposed to things like petrol fumes, cigarette smoke and even things like perfumes and synthetic fragrances of nearby campers which we try to avoid as much as possible! I always have my trusty oil diffuser on to help purify the air in our caravan and hopefully mitigate some of those exposures.

We know you love a good DIY, what are some of your favourite things to make?

I absolutely love DIYing! I started DIYing basically all of our household cleaning and essentials about 2 years ago when I first started learning about a low tox lifestyle and purchased my first essential oils. My most frequently made DIY is baby wipes, with two young daughters we go through these A LOT using them for all the mess & spills! I also really love my DIY hair detangling spray, which again we use a lot with my two girls, the results we are having from that are amazing and such a good alternative to nasty store-bought hair detangling sprays. Also I love experimenting with perfume blending and my skin serum.

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What is your favourite Biome product or brand?

Oh gosh, this is SUCH a hard question! How can I pick just one?! Look, if I HAD to choose I would say my favourite product is the WatersCo Water Filter Jug. We use our religiously no matter where we are, I take it with me on holidays and every where we go, I really cant imagine living without it! 

What are some of your favourite places that you’ve visited so far?

We are definitely beach/ocean people and have seen some beautiful spots along the East Coast so far! The absolute stand out place so far has to be K’gari. Everything about it is just magical. And second place would have to go to Teewah Beach. 

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