Meet Phillipa from Pixie Nut & Co.

We love the cheery Pixie Nut & Co. earrings and accessories! Working from home in an off-grid community in Northern NSW surrounded by subtropical rainforests, Pixie Nut & Co.'s Philippa creates beautiful and unique Australian-inspired accessories that are sure to make a statement. All jewellery charms are printed on 3mm FSC Certified Birch Plywood and laser cut to shape. Earring posts are surgical stainless steel for sensitive ears. Read on to learn more about Phillipa. Pixie Nut & Co. | Buy sustainable jewellery online Australia | Biome Eco Stores Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and why you started your brand? I'm from Perth, WA and studied set and costume design at WAAPA. Although I loved the course I found that in reality the slim pickings of paid jobs were not as creative as I thought and required networking skills which, as an anxious introvert, made it very difficult to break into the industry. I started Pixie Nut & Co. when I moved from Melbourne to Nimbin and took a year off from working. My dream was to do something using illustration and be my own boss. The flexibility of not having to be somewhere at a specific time seemed really freeing and the idea of building something for my future and escaping an hourly wage motivated me to work hard and keep going. I taught myself about running a business by listening to podcasts, reading articles and trial and error. I tried various products over the first few years but it was the wood earrings people really responded to and Pixie Nut quickly picked up from there. [pswp_products ids="27861,31936"] What do you value most and how has that influenced your brand? Our most important asset is the earth we live on and the natural work around us. I'm really inspired by the unique animals, landscapes and vegetation we have in Australia, there is a magicallness to it that I couldn't quite see growing up but something just clicked around 2015 and I thought "WOW this place is amazing" and I became obsessed with the feeling that being in the Australian wild gave me. I didn't want to create anything from plastic so I ended up getting my designs printed and laser cut from sustainably sourced plywood. In creating these illustrations and earrings I hope to bring more awareness to our precious animals and their habitat. [pswp_products ids="23471,23467"] What is something you have learnt along the way? Keep it simple. I have so many ideas and get very excited at the thought of new product lines, creating a fashion label or a children's clothing label but although I could pursue all these other avenues I think it's better to do one thing and do it well. It can be tricky to keep up with the earrings orders let alone branch off into a whole new area, I've tried it lots of times and always end up overwhelmed. [pswp_products ids="25263,25262"] If you had to choose one of your products, what would be your favourite and why? My favourite earrings are the blue banded bee hoops. I love native bees, especially the blue banded and teddy bear bees. Native bees are so fascinating and varied, it's been fun spotting them in the garden and researching their behaviours. [pswp_products ids="23478,23475"]
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