A guide to saving waste and money

It's inevitable that you will save money when you reduce your dependence on packaged foods.

pack a litter free lunch

Lunch packed using reusable items is typically 45% less expensive than a lunch packed using single use items.

A reusable sandwich wrap saves using plastic wrap and having lots of BPA free reusable containers are handy for snacks and salads.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed. Gandhi

Takeaway lunches

Use your own takeaway containers

Next time you buy your lunch from your favourite takeaway, take your reusable containers. When placing your order, ask if they would be able to use your containers as you hand them over. Although this may throw their system out of whack briefly, remember you are helping them to reduce their costs and others may catch on.

Take a break

Carry a reusable coffee cup

Australians use approx. 500 million disposable cups a year. Imagine the difference you could make by using reusable cups.

LED lighting

Save money and energy

You not only save on resources when you switch to LED light bulbs, you also save money. Biome has options for installing either new integrated downlights and fittings or simply replacing existing bulbs.


Keeping backyard chickens

Reap the rewards of fresh eggs

Put your chickens to work on some garden chores. When allowed to roam in the garden, your feathered friends will scratch to turn over compost and aerate soil. They'll eat weeds, leaves and fresh lawn clippings. They're also a great pest control service, dining on insects, bugs and sometimes even mice.

How can I make a difference?

Take 3?s simple message to help stop litter reaching our waterways is to dispose of at least three pieces of rubbish when you leave anywhere and you have made a difference.

» Learn more at www.take3.org.au

Grow your own

Turn your food waste into nutrient rich soil for a veggie garden either on a small balcony or backyard plot.

Bokashi composting systems are easy to use and the worms will thank you for the extra boost.

"I'm plastic free"

Imagine living your life free of plastic? "That's just impossible" you say...

Well others are finding ways and we're here to help you make the change 'one step at a time'. By making simple changes you too could one day claim "I'm plastic free".

  • Think about how many products you use that contain plastic and look for resuable and safe ways to reduce your reliance on plastic.
  • Package and preserve your own healthy snacks and breads using a dehydrator. Believe it or not glass jars & containers are the best way to preserve and freeze dried foods.
  • Juice your own vitamin packed drinks for healthy alternatives to sugary drinks.