20 Best Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts in 2024

Gift giving season is upon us, and we've narrowed down the top eco friendly gift ideas of the year. From whimsical jigsaw puzzles, to iconic Aussie tea towels, garden tools, and gorgeous natural bath bombs, we've got a planet-friendly Christmas gift idea for everyone.

1. Wilson Payne Australian Made Socks

Top eco friendly christmas gift ideas

Wilson Payne Australian made socks are a statement of clever graphic design, fun and comfort. We love socks that are practical yet whimsical, and that bring a smile to start your day. Capturing Australia's unique native wildlife like the Kookaburra, Echidna and Blue Budgie, these Australian made socks make a wonderful gift for everyone.

2. Earth Greetings Aussie Tea Towel

Top eco friendly christmas gift ideas

The Aussie Squarkers Tea Towel by Earth Greetings features original flora and fauna artwork by Negin Maddock and makes the perfect iconically Australian gift. A great eco friendly Christmas gift made from organic cotton and water-based ink that you can even use as a gift wrap for bonus eco points - you'll save gift wrapping waste!

3. Little Bread Winner Bread Saw

Top eco friendly christmas gift ideas

Handmade in Brisbane, the Little Bread Winner bread saw is the ultimate tool for bread lovers. Made from beautiful timber with stainless steel blades, the bread saw will cut perfect sized slices every time. You can even choose between left-handed or right-Handed options.   Being locally made without any plastic, this ticks several of our eco gift boxes!

4. Gather & Harvest Bath Bomb in Gift Box

Top eco friendly christmas gift ideas

An instant sensual delight, the Gather & Harvest range of bath bombs come packaged in a beautiful gift box for a premium gifting experience. Handmade in small batches in Mt Beauty, Victoria with all natural ingredients, choose from Lavender, Rose Geranium or Lemon Myrtle. What better eco Christmas gift than one that gives the person some pampering and relaxation!

5. Olieve Hand & Body Cream

Top eco friendly christmas gift ideas

Australian made and 100% organic, Olieve & Olie are proud to make all of their products by hand in their factory on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. The Wild Lemon Myrtle Hand & Body Cream is a must have head to toe moisturiser, rich in antioxidants and readily absorbed. It's a perfect size for popping into your eco Christmas stocking.

6. Triffid Tonic Four Pack

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Triffid Tonics is a natural aromatic tonic water syrup company based in Fitzroy, Victoria. Founded by Greg, an old-school pharmacist with a passion for making potions and medicines from scratch, Triffid Tonics offers unique flavours that can be mixed with sparkling water, gin or other spirits.

Combined with a sparkling water makerTriffid Tonics allow you to make your own delicious tonics, flavoured sodas, and soft drinks at home without plastic bottle waste.  We're coming over to your house for eco-friendly drinks!

7. Londji Strategy Game

 Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

A game guaranteed to entertain, and the perfect gift and indoor activity for the whole family. Build your own garden, get strategic with your decision making and see how your veggies flourish with the Londji Grow Up strategy game.  Everyone loves to receive a game on Christmas day, and to know that it is an ethical and sustainable gift makes it all the more fun.

8. Popcorn Blue Christmas Cards

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Get your Christmas writing ready with this cute Assorted Christmas Card Set by Popcorn Blue. Featuring native Australian wildlife with a Festive cheer, these cards are sure to send a some joy to those you care about. The pack of 6 cards are made from 100% recycled and carbon neutral paper.   

We also find that gifting sustainable christmas decorations is very popular.  Decorations are practical and will remind your recipient of you year after year when they adorn their Christmas tree.

9. Fressko Insulated Stainless Steel Infuser Bottle

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

So much more than a water bottle, Fressko's stainless steel infuser bottle is great for ice-cold smoothies, fruit waters or even freshly brewed hot tea. Lightweight, insulated and durable, it is a great eco friendly gift idea for those who love a practical, multipurpose solution.

10. 100 Australian Butterflies, Bees, Beetles & Bugs Book

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

100 Australian Butterflies, Bees, Beetles & Bugs by Georgia Angus is the perfect beginner's guide to Australia's insect world. Along with nature enthusiast Angus, many first nations storytellers contribute their knowledge making this a truly holistic guide that will take the guess work when searching in your garden, park or beyond. Get scurrying!

11. Biome Mindfulness Gift Box

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Containing products with elements of botanical, mindful tension relief and an essential oil blend, Biome's Mindful Gift Box will sure provide a well deserved break to the lucky person who receives it. 


12. The Nonsense Maker Aussie Teacup Tea Towel

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Carefully hand illustrated by artist Emily May and printed with vibrant inks on quality linen, this Aussie Teacup tea towel makes the perfect gift for your quirky, tea-loving loved ones (or even a little treat for yourself). 

13. Kate Knapp Twigseeds 2024 Diary

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

One of the most popular diaries in Australia, the Kate Knapp Twigseeds 2024 Diary will make organising the year an unforgettable adventure. Featuring Kate Knapp’s gorgeous illustrations and a beautiful, inspiring cover that promotes a sense of hope and togetherness. 

14. Twigg Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

This delightful Australian made puzzle is truely a piece of art and will spark joy in anybody's life. Featuring artwork by Lisa Morales, a mixed media collage artist, the Twigg Botanical Swallow puzzle is vibrant, bold, bright and whimsical.  Jigsaw puzzles are one of our best eco friendly Christmas gifts because they are a fun activity that brings people together.

15. Banksia Aroma Pod Mini Gift Pack

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Gift Australia's best natural diffuser! Featuring a mini Banksia aroma pod, drilled to diffuse oils naturally, and a native Eucalyptus essential oil, packaged in a beautiful gift box. The Banksia Aroma Pod Gift Pack is one of our most popular eco gifts for overseas family and friends!

16. Thought Farley Organic Cotton Scarf

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

The Farley Organic Cotton Scarf by Thought is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Great for cool evenings, summer days at the beach or to simply elevate your outfit when going to brunch. Features a colourful patchwork design, and is Organic and Cruelty Free. Slow fashion at its best!

17. DeWit 4 Tine Twisted Hand Fork with Ash Handle

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Beautifully crafted and hand forged in Holland, the DeWit 4 Tine Twisted Hand Fork is made from boron steel and is perfect for digging holes and weeding. A great gift idea that is made to last the test of time - a heirloom in the making.

18. Pela Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

The beautifully designed Pela cases are the world's first truly sustainable phone case. They are durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches and are also compostable! A great practical eco Christmas gift idea for all.

19. Tender Leaf Toys

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Tired of piles of discarded plastic packaging on Christmas Day? The Tender Leaf Toys range of eco friendly toys are packaged plastic-free and contain minimal plastic components. These heirloom toys are designed to be engaging, entertaining and educational for little hands. Made from reclaimed rubberwood, a by-product of the latex industry, Tender Leaf Toys is a brand that brings joy and learning to children, while protecting the planet for the next generation.  

20. Biolite camping lights and solar chargers

Top eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

Biolite camping lights and solar chargers are an essential for any outdoors-person. Small, lightweight, top quality and multipurpose, the off-grid Biolite range cares for people and the planet.

How do you give an eco friendly Christmas gift?  

Giving an eco-friendly gift is a great way to show your care for the environment and the lucky recipient. Here are some tips on how to choose a gift that is good for both:

  • Look for products that are made from recycled, organic, or natural materials. These can reduce waste and pollution, and support sustainable practices.
  • Avoid products that have excess packaging, plastic, or harmful chemicals. These can harm the environment and the health of the recipient.
  • Choose products that are made locally to you.  This helps reduce the pollution from transporting items a long way, and supports your local economy that brings well-being benefits for all.
  • Consider giving experiences instead of things. For example, you could gift a subscription to an online service, a donation to a charity, or a voucher for a local activity. These can create lasting memories and reduce clutter.
  • Make your own Christmas gift or personalise an existing one. For example, you could bake some cookies, knit a scarf, or paint a mug. These can show your creativity and thoughtfulness, and make the gift more meaningful. 

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