• 8 fulfilling, mood boosting activities

    Here we share eight simple, fulfilling, mood boosting activities for you to try. You might notice you feel less stressed, calmer, sleep better and more energetic.  Overtime, a good mood and joy can boost your immune system, keep you healthy and even extend your life! Send some love Writing a note to family and...

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    The best natural skin care for teenage skin

    Started to notice signs of oily skin and acne on your teen? It might be time to start teaching them a basic skin care routine. Here we’ve compiled our top natural skin care products best suited to tween and teenage skin. All of these choices happen to be Australian made, palm oil free, cruelty...

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    10 Ways to Get Kids Off Screens & Outdoors! | Biome Eco Store

    10 Ways to Get Kids Off Screens & Outdoors!

    Getting kids off screens, away from the pixels and spending more time outdoors is easy with these 10 screen free entertainment swaps! In fact we think these ideas will be fun for the whole family. Swap TV for books Reading has such a positive impact on our brains. It promotes mental stimulation, imagination, improves...

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    Going plastic free: what are the first things to replace | Biome Eco Stores | zero waste and plastic free

    Going plastic free: the first things to replace

    Congratulations, you’re ready to live with less plastic! That means you’re taking action to: Cut fossil fuel demand, reducing the progression of climate change Reduce the amount of waste that clogs up our landfills and litters our waterways and natural areas Reduce the toxins your body is exposed to, like BPA, phthalates and flame...

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    What to do Melbourne? Sustainable Living, Environmental, Eco Events

    What’s happening in Melbourne today, this weekend, this month to help you live more sustainably, feel more in touch with nature and your neighbourhood, and support locally grown and made. Events are currently only being offered online during the coronavirus lockdown, but there is plenty you can partake in from the comfort of home...

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    What to do Brisbane? Sustainable Living, Environmental, Eco Events

    What’s on in Brisbane today to help you live more sustainably, with less impact, support locally grown and made, and to build uplifting connections with your local community. In the times of Coronavirus, many events are being offered online so you can partake from the comfort of home, but in Queensland we are also...

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    Support Small Victorian Producers Through Lockdown!

    A big part of our mission at Biome is to provide a marketplace for the dreams of small planet-friendly, ethical businesses. The Australian state of Victoria is thriving with producers of locally made, toxin free, palm oil free, and low waste alternatives. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the people of Victoria face weeks of...

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    How to incorporate Australian native ingredients into your food | Bush Tucker, Australian Native Edibles, Bush Food | Biome Eco Stores

    How to incorporate Australian native ingredients into your food

    Australian native edibles have not only been traditional food for Indigenous Australians, but also serve as important connection to country, totems and medicine. Read on as we show you how to incorporate some popular native ingredients into your food, and help environmental and cultural preservation and sustainability in the process. The book Warndu Mai...

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    We answer your menstrual product FAQs! | Biome Eco Stores

    We answer your top menstrual product questions!

    We get quite a lot of questions relating our range of menstrual products in-store, so we’ve collated them here and answered them for you in the one blog post. Read on to learn more about our range of cups, reusable pads, period proof underwear and more. Menstrual Cup FAQs How do I work out...

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    How to make this Plastic Free July your most successful yet | zero waste and plastic free | Biome Eco Stores

    Plastic Free July: How to Make This Year Your Most Successful Yet!

    We just love seeing the wave of passion, enthusiasm and positivity that sweeps across our community this time of year as more and more people take the challenge to reduce single use plastic waste and production during Plastic Free July (and beyond!). Plastic Free July is a global movement that sees millions of people  commit...

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    Dry skin? Soothe it with shea, not synthetics!

    Shea is your hero ingredient to help skin and hair through the ravages of winter weather extremes! Ingredients found in mainstream ‘moisturisers’ can actually be drying and irritating (more on that below), while 100% natural shea butter extracted from the African shea nut is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids to...

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