How to Make Your Own Baby Powder

In light of recent court orders in the United States that have found that talc is potentially carcinogenic*, we have created our own DIY baby powder recipe using much safer ingredients of kaolin clay, cornstarch and arrowroot. These ingredients are soft, gentle, soothing, non-toxic and completely free from talc. Make your own talc free baby powder - DIY skin care - Biome Naked Beauty Bar Find the recipe to make our DIY baby powder below. It is really easy to make, just as effective, and most importantly, much safer and organic baby skin care.

DIY Silky Smooth Baby Powder Recipe



  1. Over a large bowl, put the powders into a sieve and shake it through. This should be done 3 times to ensure your powder becomes super soft and smooth.
  2. Pop into your desired shaker bottle.

How To Use

Use as you would any baby powder. Tip – To make a scented version, add five drops each of mandarin and rose geranium essentials oils (or oils of choice). If adding essential oils, it's important to sieve through again to ensure it's clump free. Note: When using any new products on your baby or child, it's important to patch test first. This recipe makes enough to approx. fill 1 x 120ml glass mason jar with shaker top. Or reuse an old one.



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How to Make Your Own Baby Powder

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