An Australian company that makes pans to last a lifetime.

Founded by Australian-born, international chef equipment engineer/innovator, Mark Henry. 30 years experience in diverse manufacturing and patented innovations designed to last for multiple generations, such as Füri knives.  Mark says: "I'm tired of all the disposable consumer junk out there. We won't be just innovating, patenting and growing sustainable Australian-made innovations, but following a more holistic philosophy: an integration of personal and business life... and a strong contribution to the community now, and for future generations."

Patenting the world's first seamless, one-piece wrought iron pan, this is the only pan you'll ever need. Made for multi-generational use, this one-time purchase will save you time, money, resources and the environment. It is also seasoned with a natural, non-stick coating, which can be reapplied at home, and will work on any heat source.

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