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Choosing the best water bottle for yourself or your family can be tricky. With millions of disposable plastic water bottles ending up in landfill each year, it's important to find the best reusable water bottle for your daily needs so that you carry your water bottle with you and feel comfortable using it.

When choosing the best water bottle for you and your family there are many things to consider – size, cost, appearance, material (plastic, metal or glass), convenience, mouth size, insualted or not .  To help you make this choice we have compiled a list below of the different water bottles available at Biome to help you choose the water bottle that suits you the best.

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What are the best water bottles for your contents?

All bottles are of course safe for water!  And best of all, using a reusable drink bottle for water will save you plenty of dollars.  We recommend filling your drink bottle with filtered water wherever possible as this will help to stop mineral deposits forming in the bottle.


Acidic fruit juices should not be kept in all bottles as the lining may react with the juice.  SIGG, with its taste neutral inert lining, is perfectly safe for fruit juice, as we believe is the best choice for juice.  Stainless steel bottles such as Klean Kanteen are also safe for fruit juice and will not corrode the high grade stainless steel – although you may experience a slight metallic taste.

Also remember to never store fruit juice for any longer than 24 hours, as the contents will ferment, and to keep the bottle as cool as possible.  Wash your drink bottle with warm soapy water each day and leave open to dry out completely.


Stainless steel is the best water bottle for milk, breast milk and formula.  Create a stainless steel sippy with a Klean Kanteen 12oz bottle and Avent sippy cup spout.  Food-grade stainless steel is used in the dairy, brewing, food and winemaking industries and is safe for milk. It’s the material of choice for a drink bottle because it doesn’t retain or impart flavors.  Your child’s Kid Kanteen Sippy is totally safe and flavour-free.

Hot drink

You should not use single-walled Klean Kanteen or SIGG drink bottles for hot beverages because you can burn yourself. Warm beverages can be used at your own personal comfort level.

For hot drinks, the best water bottle is a double-walled vacuum insulated  Klean Kanteen bottle or SIGG Thermo mug.  These insulated bottles will keep food or drink hot and cold for a number of hours.

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most useful water bottle accessories 

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 Nathan plastic water bottle Day Tripper glass water bottle Water bottle cleaning tablets
 EcoCocoon insulated water bottles Wherever glass water bottle Straw cleaner - for flip-straw water bottles

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 Kids Konserve water bottles SIGG water bottles Nathan Tritan plastic water bottle
 Nathan stainless steel water bottle Ecococoon water bottle Lifefactory glass water bottles

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 Klean Kanteen water bottle Klean Kanteen 800ml water bottle SIGG 750ml sports top water bottle
 Nathan stainless steel water bottleDaytriper glass water bottles Klean Kanteen 800ml water bottle
 Future insulated water bottle SIGG sports water bottle Thermos flip-straw water bottle

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 SIGG Metro mug SIGG water bottle SIGG replacement water bottle tops
 Thermos insulated water bottle Klean Kanteen water bottle Ecococoon water bottle lids
 Ecococoon water bottleSIGG water bottleSpare parts for Thermos water bottle




Price Range


Sizes available          

 Mouth type         

Leak proof

SIGG$32 - $44Aluminium + lining300ml - 1Lnormal & wide yes - all tops
Klean Kanteen   $20 - $33Stainless Steel              355ml - 1182ml      wide neck

loop cap - yes

sports top - no
$25 - $35            Stainless Steel 350ml - 600mlwide neckyes
$27 - $35  Stainless Steel335ml -750mlwide neckyes
Lifefactory$20 - $38Glass + silicone sleeve 250ml -  650mlwide neck

screw top - yes

flip top - no

Klean Kanteen
$35 - $41Stainless Steel355ml - 590mlwide neck yes