1 Litre Water Bottle

It's great to see many people carrying a large one litre water bottle, especially Frank Green for all the women, men and teenagers.  1 litre bottles are also popular with tradies and those working outdoors needing lots of hydration.  It is recommended we drink two litres of water each day, which is much easier when you carry a drink bottle conveniently with you.   Find the best stainless steel and BPA free plastic 1L bottles in Australia here including insulated bottles that keep drinks cool, and even bigger 1.9L or 2 litre options!  The good brands we offer are: Frank Green, Klean Kanteen, Cheeki, BBBYO, Fressko, 

What features to look for in a 1 litre bottle?

The material that the water bottle is made from is the most important feature for most people.  For a plastic free option, choose ceramic or stainless steel, which is the most durable and less likely to break.  A glass 1 litre bottle can be easily smashed, although drinking from glass is taste-neutral.   Plastic is lightweight and not easily broken, but we do not stock Camelbak at Biome as the parent company produces assault weapons and sponsors the NRA. 

The second feature is the type of drinking spout.  A straw top, such as Frank Green, is popular because you do not need to tip your head back to drink from the bottle, particularly in the case of a heavy 1L bottle.   Wide mouth bottles allow you to put ice blocks inside.

Lastly, do you need the bottle to be insulated?  The Fressko and Cheeki insulated bottles will keep your drinks cool, or the Klean Kanteen Thermos for hot drinks. 

How heavy is a 1 Litre water bottle?

1 Litre of water weighs around 1kg, so when full the bottle is heavy to carry around!  Hence it is handy to have a carry loop or handle on the lid, such as the Cheeki.   

A good insulated 1 litre water bottle is heaviest because they have two walls of stainless steel with air in between for insulation.

Are there any good glass 1 litre water bottles?

The Earths Tribe Glass 1L water bottle has a silicone cover to help keep it safe from breaking. 

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