In-store rewards


By saving this paperless card to your mobile phone, you can access rewards and special offers in our stores.   The pass is stored conveniently in the Wallet app on your phone, along with your other passes such as tickets, and payment cards.  Please note that our in store program is not linked to any online purchases.  Each has its own benefits!

At checkout in store, simply show us the pass so that we can scan your code.

The Rewards

  • Offers that we promote in our newsletters and in store will be automatically applied at checkout - no more need to mention! 
  • Plus, we will send you exclusive vouchers to save to your phone.

Download Your Member Pass

This process is best completed on your phone where the pass will be stored, but can also be done from a computer.

Complete your details below, then a page will appear with buttons to save/add the pass to your wallet.  An email will also be sent as a back up.

iPhones: the pass is added to your Apple Wallet

Android: the pass is added to either Google Pay, or the app you use to store cards and passes - we recommend the free PassWallet App (click here to install) 

Date of birth is optional, if you wish to be sent a treat on your special day!


Terms & Conditions

Biome reserves the right to change any of the Members' rewards offered, and these terms and conditions, or to end this program at any time, including cancelling any reward and offer vouchers already issued online or in store.

By becoming a Member, you agree to receive emails and notifications to your phone.  You can unsubscribe from our email newsletters at any time (but you will not know about the offers), and can turn off notifications on your phone (if you do not wish to know what the offers are).

We may email you separately on matters related to the Member's reward program.

Please see our full Terms & Conditions here >