Bob's Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill has its origins all the way back in the 1960s, when Charlee Moore (Bob's wife) decided to start using nutritious whole grains to feed her family. Around this time, Bob read a copy of "John Goffe's Mill", the story of a man resurrecting his families mill.

Bob set his sights on putting together a mill of his own, and after searching all over the US for parts, eventually constructed a traditional quartz mill. This became Moore's Flour Mill. After a few successful years, Bob & Charlee left the mill to their sons and retired to Oregon.

In Oregon, Bob & Charlee discovered another (this time fully functional) mill for sale in a gorgeous red barn. The signs were too strong to ignore. By 1978, Bob & Charlee opened the doors to their family's second mill, Bob's Red Mill. Today, Bob's Red Mill is 100% employee owned and on a mission to deliver food you can feel good about eating.

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