• DIY Natural Perfume Oil

    April 18, 2018 • BEAUTY, DIY RECIPES, VEGAN

    Our DIY natural perfume is an easy, toxin free fragrance to use day to day. Keep it with you in your bag or leave by the bed to touch up as needed. Combining a delicate selection of dried petals and essential oils, our DIY natural perfume oil will help to uplift, soothe and calm the mind.

    DIY Natural Perfume Oil | Biome Naked Beauty Bar

    Jasmine Buds are calming, soothing and uplifting.

    Lavender Flowers are calming, like the oil.

    Rose Petals are soothing and fragrant.

    Bergamot Oil is used in aromatherapy and massage for its calming property.

    Ylang Ylang helps the body relax and has a sweet, floral scent.

    Rose Geranium relaxes the mind, may calm anxiety and has a liberating scent.

    Lavender Oil is a natural sedative, calming the mind.

    Patchouli has a spicy and woody scent.

    Sweet Orange can assist with mental relaxation in times of sadness and stress.

    DIY Natural Perfume Oil


    Note: If you just want to make 1 x 15 ml perfume, only use approx. 8 drops of essential oils.


    1. Add your carrier oil of choice and essential oils to a small glass jug with spout.
    2. Stir until mixed.
    3. Using a funnel or steady hand, pour your perfume in your desired bottles until almost full. Add a few petals of choice.
    4. Cap and shake. Leave the oils to infuse together for a few days in a warm place out of the sun and shake occasionally.

    How To Use

    This beautiful flower perfume not only smells amazing, but looks so pretty with the addition of the petals.

    Dab a few drops of your perfume with either the roll on or dropper method. Apply behind your ears, décolletage or the inside of your wrists.

    Note: Be sure to perform a patch test to make sure your flower perfume blend will not irritate your skin

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