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Step into the world of pure, gentle care with Gluten Free Skin Care.  We offer products that are crafted for those who not only seek to nourish their skin but also uphold a sustainable lifestyle. For individuals with celiac disease, it’s not just about what they consume; it can also be about what they apply on their skin. Gluten in skincare products can be a concern for celiacs who may experience topical reactions or inadvertently ingest trace amounts from lip balms or hand creams. Our collection ensures peace of mind, offering gluten free lotions, creams, and balms that are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. 

According to their website, Badger Balm products are free of gluten-containing ingredients.

Disclaimer:  We state brands are Gluten Free when it is on the packaging or the brand's website - we do not assess the ingredients ourselves.  Brands can change formulations and mistakes can be made.  Before consuming or using, please always check the ingredients yourself first to be sure.

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