Stainless Steel Wire Pegs Pack Standard Grade 201 (from 36 pegs)

Stainless steel wire pegs that last ages and save money. 201 grade are long wearing pegs if you take care of them and do not leave on the line - not suitable for coastal areas. See grades below for salty air.  One piece of wire so they never break.  Hemp bag. Also use for paper clips, garden and a long lasting gift!

Wire 1.75 mm diameter. 5.8cm long. 201 Grade. Pack of 36 or 63.

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Standard grade of stainless steel pegs suited to normal conditions where they are not constantly exposed to the weather, especially salty air or chemicals.  Be assured that these pegs will still be there when all the wooden and plastic ones are gone, but this 201 stainless steel will rust if exposed to weather for long periods or any salt.  Do not select this grade peg if you leave your pegs on the line OR live within 15km of the ocean (15km is our estimate and not definitive but is to give you an idea of what we consider near the ocean - you know whether you have salt in the air at your place).

Here's how to choose the best stainless steel peg for you:

Standard 201 grade stainless steel pegs - the current grade you are looking at.  If you tend to bring your pegs inside or live far away from any salt, or want them for indoor use, you would be fine with the 201 grade.  Not suitable for anywhere near the ocean / salty air.

304 grade: OK to leave on the line if you live no where near salt!  If you have salty breeze, do not leave them on the line as they will be constantly hit by salty air.  They may be ok outside if left in a bucket with holes in the bottom - that way the rain will wash the pegs, and being inside the bucket they are sheltered from gathering salt from the wind. Alternatively, bring the pegs inside.

Marine 316 grade wire pegs: these pegs will last a lifetime. The best choice if you live near the ocean and want to leave your pegs outside. They will never ever rust and are perfect for boats or coastal use.

A slightly stronger peg that has more holding power for extra windy conditions is also available here various grades >  And, you can buy individually our super strong and large peg here >


You are making a difference:

  • Plastic-free laundry solution.
  • Zero-waste - steel peg can be recycled, and hemp carry bag can be composted.
  • Designed in Australia, supporting local business.



  • Strong stainless-steel peg made out of one piece of wire - no breaking or falling apart.
  • When cared for appropriately will last a long time, so a great investment and value-for-money.
  • Resistent to weathering and rusting - depending on steel grade.
  • Comes in handy, drawstring hemp bag.



100% 201 Grade Stainless Steel Wire of 1.75 mm diameter. 5.8cm long.

Made in China. Designed in Australia by a small business person.

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By on 18 May 2019 (Stainless Steel Wire Pegs Pack Standard Grade 201 (from 36 pegs)) :

Great product!

These pegs are so strong and durable! Have not had any issues with rusting etc and they don’t seem to mind the hot weather where I live. A great alternative to plastic pegs.

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By on 18 May 2019 (Stainless Steel Wire Pegs Pack Standard Grade 201 (from 36 pegs)) :

pegcellent product

These pegs are great, I initially bought 36 of them when I moved to Roma a year ago but had to buy more because I was running out of pegs all the time and I really liked them. They last so well I can't tell which pegs I bought first. They stay on the line even on windy days and I don't find they are too difficult to open, though I did buy the easy grip ones for my Grandma as she doesn't have a lot of hand strength due to age, broken bones and arthritis, and she loves them. They also come in really handy when/if you don't finish an entire packet of chips in one sitting as they are able to seal the bag better than a regular plastic peg due to the flat/straight bottom, which means the chips don't go stale (no excuse to eat the whole bag now though :( ). Overall these pegs are a really great product that will last a long time, so even though they are more expensive per peg than plastic pegs, the cost is well and truly worth it, even if you don't care about the environment.

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By on 24 Apr. 2019 (Stainless Steel Wire Pegs Pack Standard Grade 201 (from 36 pegs)) :


I was worried these would be stiff or small, but they are exactly what I wanted. I got the 63 peg set because I tend to use a lot of pegs when doing my washing. SO GLAD that i don't have to deal with plastic pegs photodegrading and breaking apart of me. A single piece of metal and they come in a cute little bag!

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