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201 is the stainless steel with least rust resistance. This grade is still great quality, but is only suitable if you bring your pegs inside, and don't live within 10kms of the ocean. Ideal for many uses inside the home too.

201 is available in:

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304 grade will last the distance if you leave your pegs outside, as long as you don't live within 10km of the ocean.

304 is available in:

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316 is marine grade stainless steel that is used on boats and for construction. These pegs can be left outside and will survive in high salt environments.

Your guarantee: If they rust, we'll replace them.

316 is available in:

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  • Peg Bags

    The perfect home to keep your wire pegs on the clothes line. Made in Queensland from durable outdoor canvas. Shade cloth base allows water to escape.

  • Sock Hangers

    Space and time saving. Using the original one piece wire pegs. Frame has minimal weld points that rust and break on other hangers. Choose 201, 304 or 316 grade.

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