EnsoPet Starter Grains 1kg bag


EnsoPet starter bokashi grains for use with EnsoPet in-ground compost system. EnsoPet is an innovative system designed to easily and hygienically compost pet waste. Keep your yard clean & reduce landfill whilst enriching and rebuilding your garden soil. 1kg bag.

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EnsoPet is an innovative system designed to easily and hygienically compost pet waste.

EnsoPet Starter is made in Australia using a mixture of wheat, sawdust and minerals combined with a group of micro-organisms.  These all-natural micro-organisms include lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi.  These micro-organisms accelerate the breakdown of the waste, eliminate smell and help remediate any pathogens in your pet waste, and ultimately contribute to a healthier soil and a more beautiful garden.  
This listing is for the EnsoPet starter grains only, click here to purchase the EnsoPet compost kit.

why compost your pet's waste?

There are over 4 million dogs in Australia each producing up to 100kg of waste annually.  If left uncollected it pollutes public areas and rain washes it into our waterways.

The most popular method of collecting pet waste from parks, beaches, nature strips and footpaths is using plastic bags and disposing these into landfill. Composting pet waste with Ensopet would successfully reduce tonnes of plastic bags and pet waste ending up in landfill, while at the same time returning carbon and nutrients to the soil.

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By on11 Aug. 2019 :
Title : no more dog poo in the yard
Comment : This product turned a bin of dog poop into compost for my ornamental beds. It didn't take long and the result is no mess, no fuss compost for non food plants.
(EnsoPet Starter Grains 1kg bag)
By on15 Oct. 2018 :
Title : Working well so far
Comment : I made a DIY dog poo composter from an upcycled bucket, and have been using these grains for about a month now. They work well in helping to break down the waste, though I've had to utilise two buckets as it's a bit slower than I anticipated.
(EnsoPet Starter Grains 1kg bag)
By on25 Feb. 2017 :
Title : Seems to do the job!
Comment : Does the job
(EnsoPet Starter Grains 1kg bag)

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