Bokashi compost bin KIT - tan & green

Revolutionise the way you think about composting. Using an organic fermentation process, the Bokashi Bin recycles all your domestic kitchen waste into valuable soil conditioner. 20L capacity.

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Revolutionise the way you think about composting. Using an organic fermentation process, the Bokashi Bin recycles all your domestic kitchen waste into valuable soil conditioner.

Dispose of all your waste in your kitchen, with no smell, no trip to the compost heap and no work to turn the heap. Dispose of all your waste – even dairy and fish – right in your kitchen, with no smell or trip to the compost heap. Revolutionise how you think about composting...

Invented in Japan, this all-food recycling system uses effective microbes or "bokashi" — a Japanese word meaning "fermented organic matter" — to decompose the matter. The fermentation process does not produce smells, so you can keep the bucket under your sink or in your home.

The Biome Bokashi kit contains:
– recycling bucket with airtight lid
– 2 litre bokashi (enough to last the average household 3 to 4 weeks),
– instructions

Freight surcharge: please note that shipments of the Bokashi bin to all areas of WA, NT & TAS and some areas of SA, VIC, NSW & QLD will incur an additional freight charge. If applicable, we will check this with you before despatch.

How it works:
Every time you add waste to the Bokashi bucket, you sprinkle a small amount of bokashi onto the waste (the bokashi is a fine grain like mixture). Once the container is filled to capacity (about 3 to 4 weeks for the average household), you can immediately shallow bury the fermented waste in your garden, planter or outdoor compost.
Or, you can let the waste continue to ferment for two weeks in another airtight container (such as a plastic bag or bucket with lid) and then transfer the matter into your garden. The extra fermentation means the material will break down faster in the soil.

In 2 or 3 weeks, the waste you have buried will have broken down into soil (humus) and will be rich with nutrients, microbes and enzymes, all naturally produced.

As the Bokashi bin fills, you also drain off a liquid that can be used diluted as a fertilizer or undiluted in septic tank systems and plumbing drains (the microbes help to break down waste in the system). You can even just tip it down your sink to help keep your drains clean.

Dimensions: 30cm side x 30cm side x 41cm high. 20L capacity. It will fit in the cupboard under some sinks, depending on your space of course.

5L and 2L bokashi refill bags are available. You can also read more about why fermentation is better than composting under the details of the 5L Bokashi refill.

For those living in apartments, you could pass the fermented waste on to a grateful community garden, friends, relatives or the apartment gardener.


By (CARNEGIE, Australia) on 28 Nov. 2018 (Bokashi compost bin KIT - tan & green) :

Good unit for small spaces

This is a good unit for small spaces. You'll need two to get the system going properly. The drain nob came of and I was quickly sent a replacement.

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By (WAVELL HEIGHTS, Australia) on 07 Nov. 2018 (Bokashi compost bin KIT - tan & green) :

Perfect small-scale composter

I've had this bokashi bin for about two years now and love the simplicity of it. I wanted a small-scale composter as I'm not a big gardener, just have small beds, but still wanted to produce enough compost and cut down on food waste going in the rubbish bin. With bokashi you mash the scraps down to compact them - I generally only have to empty the bin once every four months, just dig it into the garden. It also produces compost juice which is a great liquid fertilizer. The bin is airtight so doesn't smell too much - I keep it in a cupboard anyway, and empty a small tabletop compost bin into it every couple of days. Very clean, efficient, and simple way to get into composting for a beginner!

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By (Scarborough, Australia) on 07 Nov. 2018 (Bokashi compost bin KIT - tan & green) :


This compost bin has been a true blessing for our family. It didn't take us long to fill as we cook almost everything from scratch for our family and the compost product is wonderful for our home veggie patch.

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