• Guide to the Most Eco Friendly Hair Removal

    November 10, 2017 • BEAUTY, ECO HOME, GUIDES

    Our desire to remove the hair from our face, legs and bodies varies widely with cultures and trends!  But, as with all your lifestyle choices, there is a way to shave or otherwise achieve eco friendly hair removal without costing the Earth.

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    With these five conscious steps we guide you through the most eco friendly way that will also benefit your body, the planet, and your wallet. Despite what some think, being more sustainable is not more expensive. In fact, sustainable shaving and hair removal will save you money.

    Here’s how you can be sure to achieve the most eco friendly hair removal:

    Step 1. Decide whether you want to shave or wax.

    This comes down to personal preference. For long-term, eco friendly hair removal, particularly for softer hairs, we suggest waxing with a natural sugar wax.

    For quick and convenient removal, opt for a reusable safety razor with replaceable and recyclable razor blades.

    Step 2. Use a natural, palm oil free shaving cream.


    To prepare your skin for a close shave, choose a natural shaving soap or cream, and one without synthetic fragrances, giving you the best eco friendly hair removal.

    You’ve probably noticed that most conventional shave creams are heavily fake-scented.  These fragrances are a cocktail of harsh chemicals that irritate your skin like crazy. Biome’s shaving products are synthetic fragrance free and will be a calming relief for your skin.

    They are also all free of palm oil derived ingredients, except for Dr Bronner’s who grow their own palm oil. In fact, all our products are free of untraceable palm oil because that is the only way we can be sure they are also truly cruelty free and not harming orangutans, elephants and jungle animals.

    Step 3. Pick a safety razor that suits you best.

    shave safety razor

    Safety razors are the only eco friendly razors you can have!

    All Biome’s reusable safety razors and blades are 100% plastic free and designed to last for life. Our razors have a brass frame and chrome plating. They are endlessly reusable.

    We don’t recommend choosing recycled plastic disposable razors. At Biome, we believe in low-waste products, and don’t want you to invest in something that will be disposed of, even if it is made from recycled plastic.  We need to start buying things that we can use for ages, even our entire lives.  Further, the blades of these razors, such as the Preserve recycled plastic razors, still can not be recycled as they are stuck inside the un-recyclable head. With our safety razors, you save the used steel blades and put them into recycling inside a steel can.

    For info’ on how to care for and use your safety razor, read our Safety Razor 101 here >

    Step 4. For waxing, choose a natural sugar wax.

    Sugar wax is free from plastic and synthetic chemicals.

    Our certified organic MOOM sugar wax is made of cane sugar, chamomile tea, lemon juice and tea tree oil. That’s it!  And it is so easy to use as our video below shows.

    The glass jar and washable cotton strips are reusable and compostable.

    The wax is water soluble and great for sensitive and delicate skin. It keeps hair off for eight weeks and weakens regrowth with each use.

    Our MOOM sugar wax comes in either Tea Tree and Rose Essence varieties.

    Step 5. Complete your eco friendly hair removal with natural after shave care.

    shave oil

    No hair removal is complete without some TLC for your skin.

    Our aftershave oils and balms are all formulated to hydrate and sooth your new soft, silky skin.

    We also have a plethora of natural body moisturisers that will work just as well.

    For a demonstration on how to use natural sugar wax, check out our YouTube video below: