• Going plastic free: the first things to replace

    September 3, 2020 • GUIDES, LIFE, PLASTIC FREE / WASTE FREE

    Going plastic free: the first things to replace

    Join the many change makers living with less plastic

    • Cut fossil fuel demand to reduce the progression of climate change
    • Reduce waste that clogs up landfill, and litters our waterways and natural areas
    • Reduce the toxins your body is exposed to, like BPA, phthalates and flame retardants
    • Save money by re-using, such as cling wrap or water bottles
    • Invest in higher quality, made to last products, like stainless steel pegs or cast iron frying pans

    Go you!

    Tackling one area at a time is an easy way to get started and give you confidence moving forward.  After all, it’s all about progress, not perfection.

    Read on for ideas on the changes that the Biome community find are working for them.

    Change 1: Switch commonly used single use products for reusable alternatives


    Change 2: Swap plastic bottles for package free

    Many products that come in plastic bottles have alternatives that are either package free, or packaged in recyclable paper or cardboard, or reusable glass and tin.


    Change 3: Grow your own

    Fruit, veggies and herbs from the supermarket and veggie store often come wrapped in plastic. You don’t need much space or experience to grow your own though.

    Most herbs are really easy to grow in pots, and we have window sill kits for those that don’t have a backyard.

    For those that have a veggie garden, why not try growing vegetables and fruit from seeds.

    Change 4: Replace broken plastic items with quality, buy for life or natural fibre alternatives


    Change 5: Take it room by room or activity by activity


    Bring your own:

    • Reusable container or pouch for food to go in
    • Reusable cutlery instead of opting for the single use plastic cutlery they provide
    • Reusable coffee cup or have it at the cafe in a ceramic cup, instead of using the disposable one
    • Reusable straw, or opt for no straw
    • Fabric napkin or handkerchief


    • Bring your own reusable shopping bags made from cotton or jute, or ask for a box
    • Bring your own reusable produce bags made from cotton, or just let your veggies mingle
    • Use a reusable container at the deli, butcher or specialty store
    • Shop at local food co-ops or bulk food stores


    • Spray cleaners for DIY cleaners using raw, natural ingredients purchased in bulk
    • Laundry liquid, general cleaning sprays and even body wash for soapberries or a soapberry liquid (see more about that here)
    • Plastic and synthetic cleaning brushes and sponges for natural fibre alternatives



    Shop great plastic free and zero waste alternatives here >