• 7 Reasons To Try Huon Pine in Your Home

    December 8, 2017 • ECO HOME, LIFE

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    Linii’s finely-milled Huon Pine is your best-smelling home solution.

    A chemical-free way to get rid of odour, pests and moisture, while supporting a palm-oil free, ethically-sourced Tassie product and business.

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    But exactly why is it so great? In 7 reasons, you’ll see why.

    1. Linii Huon Pine is Palm-Oil Free

    At Biome, the only products we offer are completely free of untraceable palm oil.

    That’s why we were the first retail store in the world to be approved by Palm Oil Investigations.

    Linii’s Huon Pine is a great palm-oil free alternative to odour neutralisers, pest deterrents and moisture absorbers.

    Read more on our fight against palm oil here >

    2. Natural Pest Repellent

    Huon Pine has been used in Tasmania as a pest deterrent for more than 150 years. So it’s safe to say it works!

    Huon Pine has a scent that naturally repels insects, like silverfish, moths, fleas and mites.

    Although it won’t kill pests or solve any infestations, it will stop them nesting in the area.

    This makes it great for the wardrobe, kitchen cupboard, and in your pet’s bed.

    Because Huon naturally repels fleas, you can sprinkle some inside the cover of your animal’s bed or with fresh hay when cleaning a cage, protecting your animals from itchy bites.

    3. Natural Odour Neutraliser

    Huon’s natural, lovely pine-wood smell absorbs the less-lovely smells in your home.

    Simply expose Huon Pine to air in places you need odour neutralising, like inside a cupboard or wardrobe.

    You can also sprinkle it into things that need freshening up, like your shoes, car, or gym bag.

    If your Huon Pine comes in the jute bag, just poke some holes into the inner plastic bag, and you can pop whole bag anywhere that needs freshening up.

    4. Absorbs Excess Moisture

    Huon is great at absorbing excess moisture, from both the air and on surfaces.

    Expose the Huon Pine wherever moisture is in the air, like the bathroom, kitchen or cupboard. Huon can absorb up to one-third of its weight in moisture, and will expel it as air moisture lowers, so you can use your pine again.

    You can also sprinkle some onto surfaces to absorb excess moisture, such as your carpet.

    To refreshen your carpet, shake the Huon Pine evenly onto the surface, allow to sit for 2-8 hours, and sweep away the excess away before vacuuming up the pine.

    5. Tassie Business with a Conscience

    Established in 2016, Linii Huon Pine sources all its timber from Tasmania and is a Tassie-owned business.

    That means you’re supporting an Aussie business, helping our economy, and creating a smaller carbon footprint during transport.

    But Linii is also socially-conscious.

    They have an arrangement with Devonfield Enterprises and Vincent Industries, two Disability Business Service Providers based in Tassie.

    Every week, Linii has people with disabilities packing components of their products, giving them on-going, rewarding employment.

    Linii says, “To date, these employees have produced over 4000 pieces of our product”.

    6. Ethically-Sourced and Vegan

    The Huon Pine that is used for all Linii Products is ethically sourced.

    Huon Pine is Australia’s oldest-living organism. In Tasmania, Huon is protected, so the cutting of live Huon Pine is forbidden.

    However, Forestry Tasmania sells the fallen timbers of Huon to a select few operators, who then sell it onto businesses like Linii.

    So you can be sure you’re getting an ethically-sourced product, which keeps our Huon Pine safe at the same time.

    Linii is also endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council, and is completely free of any animal product.

    7. Low-Waste Product

    The natural Huon, after it’s used, can be composted.

    It comes in either a reusable, recyclable jute bag, or a reusable and recyclable cardboard canister.

    The plastic vacuum bag that holds the Huon can also be recycled at your nearest Redcycle drop-off point.

    Huon also lasts for ages, making resources count.

    Linii Huon Pine comes in vacuum packaging, so once it’s opened, it’ll stay fresh for months.

    Keep it fresher for longer by adding a few drops of water into the pine every few months. Doing this, your Huon will last 18 months.

    Our Huon Pine Products

    Carpet Freshener & Deodoriser

    huon pine carpet

    Like “Shake N Vac” but toxin free! Milled Huon Pine comes in a cardboard canister for easy use and storage.

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    Huon Pine Bag (70g and 285g)

    huon pine bag

    A jute bag filled with milled Huon Pine. Stick a few holes in the inner plastic bag, and let the Huon’s great smell, odour and moisture-absorbing properties do their magic.

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    Image thanks to Linii Huon Pine.