• 3 Ways Neem Oil Will Improve Your Skin With Regular Use

    January 18, 2018 • BEAUTY, CLEAN, GUIDES, LIFE

    Neem oil is gaining in popularity for organic skin care and other uses. It is an exotic, slightly mysterious sounding oil, hailing from the Neem tree indigenous to India and Burma. The special properties in the oil are beneficial for a number of skin conditions both as prevention and treatment. Here we look at 3 ways that Neem oil will be your new skin-care best friend.

    How to use neem oil in skin care

    But first what is Neem oil?

    Neem oil is pressed from the seeds of the Neem tree. This tree is common in tropical climates. Similar to the production of olive oil, the seed is better cold pressed as heating destroys its positive ingredients.

    The smell of Neem oil takes a bit of getting used to (on its own) however it is often combined with other pleasant essential oils in beauty products so this isn’t a problem.

    Why is Neem oil good for skin?

    Like other botanical oils Neem oil is literally packed full of goodies, but with a couple of differences.

    Neem oil contains:

    • A high level of antioxidants such as carotenoids
    • Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid.
    • Natural triglycerides
    • Vitamin E
    • Calcium
    • Anti-inflammatory compounds nimbidin and quercetin
    • Natural antimicrobial compounds.

    These ingredients pave the way for three main skin-care functions

    1. Anti-ageing
    2. Fighting acne
    3. Calming dry skin conditions

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    Use Neem oil for anti-aging treatment

    Let’s start with anti-ageing.

    The high essential fatty acid levels ensure that the goodness is absorbed deep into the epidermal layers to fill in lines and deeply moisturise. It helps cell turnover and increases elasticity. Combined with the extremely effective antioxidant action of carotenoid and Vitamin E as well as moisturising triglycerides, this oil is an anti-ageing dream. It is said to stimulate collagen production with regular use. What’s not to love?

    A lovely recipe for a DIY anti-wrinkle cream thanks to Dr Axe:


    (The measurements need to be converted to metric)


    Place ingredients in a cosmetic container or small cosmetic bottle. Mix or shake well. Make sure all ingredients are well blended. Apply as a moisturiser to your skin liberally.

    Use Neem oil for acne treatment

    Send the pimples packing.

    Compared to the bad old days, parents of stressed-out teenagers or sufferers of adult acne have more choice when it comes to fighting the pimples. No longer do you need to bring out the chemical ‘big guns’.

    Neem oil has been traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a particularly effective antidote to acne. Because Neem oil is anti-bacterial it is a more soothing way of killing the acne causing bacteria.

    But the big take home is that Neem oil contains aspirin-like substances that help calm inflammation and redness associated with acne. The aspirin like substances also help kill the bacteria.

    While it will not cure the hormonal origins of acne, it will help ameliorate some of the appearance and keep skin free of pimple-causing bacteria.

    The fatty acids present in neem oil help with scar reduction and it is thankfully non-comedogenic.

    As aspirin can cause you to become more sun sensitive, it makes sense that you should always wear sunscreen.

    Neem oil for dry and scaly skin conditions

    Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis are not curable by Neem Oil but they can abate a great deal with regular use.

    Western medicine treats these conditions with anti-inflammatory creams and medicines that can thin the skin and cause other far-reaching side effects.

    Not only is Neem a great emollient, which is incredibly important for these conditions, but is packed with natural anti-inflammatory properties.

    These anti-inflammatory compounds include the antioxidant quercetin. This wonder ingredient is also a natural antihistamine, a major part of the dry-skin arsenal. This ingredient alone is a major fighter of redness, swelling and hives often associated with these conditions.

    These are the 3 main ways that Neem will improve your skin (check our  vegan skincare, natural skin care and DIY skin care products) . A fourth is that it is a safe and natural pesticide and is actually very effective at preventing insect bites. This oil is such a winner in every way, it will soon be a staple in everyone’s bathroom cabinet!

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