Essential oils

The supermarket aisles are full of "convenience" cleaning and laundry products - many of which contain the same ingredients with different packaging or marketing spin.  They entice us with the "instant white clean" that comes at a high environmental and health cost. Our parents or grandparents cleaned with much simpler, non-toxic and cheaper home made formulas.  Paradoxically, most commercial "cleaners" actually "dirty" the world.

Making your own concotions feels great because you know exactly what you are spreading around your home, you are drawing on nature's power, you're using far fewer resources, generating less pollution from petrol and it's so cost-effective. Phew!

Add a few basics to your pantry and whip up some recipes. Click on each oil to learn more. 

Pregnancy: please do not use any essentials oils during pregnancy until you check the safety with a reputable source.


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