It's in our hands Be.Unity skincare revolutionaries

Biome skin care ~ 100% plant, ocean & earth

Biome Be.UNITY™ skincare is a range of products that are doing things differently! We stand for our beliefs and yours, that we can care for our skin without complicated ingredients, synthetics, fillers, and palm oil, and with minimalist and refillable packaging. We are one in our vision for planet earth, united in our care for the origin of our ingredients and the impacts on all living creatures. We are diverse but strong together in our movement for change.

A fresh approach to skin care ... by starting again. Reconnect with nature's way. Beautiful, multi-tasking skin care made with minimal naked ingredients, and packaged in waste-free glass. Biome’s unique hand-blended products cleanse, nourish and hydrate without complicated, needlessly expensive formulas. Every carefully chosen ingredient is delicate yet effective, pretty yet powerful.

Our range is specially designed to equip your self care pantry with multi-purpose products that can be mixed and matched to suit your needsand save you money. Use our face clay powders to mask, cleanse or exfoliate, mix with the pure plant oil your skin desires, and complete with a rejuvenating hydrosol spritz distilled from nature's floral powerhouses. You'll find many more uses for our oils, hydrosols and witch hazel that have nothing at all added. Just one ingredient, just as nature intended.

We haven't forgotten some love for your gorgeous body with our delectable salts to scrub or soak, or both!  Each is meticulously formulated around Epsom and Tasmanian sea salt (why source from the Himalayas when we have perfect mineral rich salt from the pristine Southern Ocean!), blended with oatmeal and a special exfoliant such loofah powder, and intentional essential oils.

We are proud to announce Biome's Rose Remedy Scrub + Soak has won Nature & Health's 2018 Natural Beauty Awards body scrub category!