Ceramic water purifier 10L

Ceramic water purifier to filter out 99.99% of contaminants and chlorine.  Includes free shipping to many places in Australia*. Better than terracotta & plastic for great tasting, healthy water. 10L.

Please note that due to a high volume of orders received please allow approximately 12 weeks for delivery as each purifier is made to order.

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Due to a high volume of orders received please allow approximately 12 weeks for delivery as each purifier is made to order.

The colour of your purifier may be slightly different to that shown, and may vary slightly in volume.

Enhance your health, save resources and money with these exceptional quality water purifiers that filter out up to 99.99% of impurities.

Keep this ceramic water purifier on the bench at home to encourage everyone to drink more great tasting, chlorine-free water, and fill up your resuable water bottle for healthy water on the go.

Better than terracotta & plastic for great tasting, healthy water.  Hand made in Australia. Holds 10 litres.

you are making a difference:

  • Made in NSW, Australia by a multi-award winning, eco-minded pottery house.
  • A great alternative to buying bottles of filtered water - cheaper and better for the environment! Great in conjunction with our large selection of reusable bottles.
  • No fumes are given off as with plastics for safer water storage.


  • Unlike terracotta and earthenware systems, this stoneware water filter system will not grow mould, become stained, deteriorate with age or leave a clay taste in your water. The inside of the purifier is glazed allowing ease of cleaning.
  • The purifier is fired to stoneware temperature making it the perfect non toxic material to store drinking water. Firing at this high temperature ensures your purifier is waterproof and extremely resilient to cracking, crazing and chipping.
  • Fitted with a stainless steel tap.
  • Lead free clay and glaze.
  • Includes a ceramic, carbon core filter that lasts 2000 litres (approx. 12 months). Replacement filters available.
  • All purifiers come with a one year written warranty.
  • As each purifier is handmade from natural materials, colour variation does occur and your purifier may appear slightly different to those pictured - making each purifier your very own.
  • Please note that the Pinky Red colour is usually much pinker than it can appear in the image.

what the filter removes

  • Cyst reduction (cryptosporidium & giardia): >99.999%
  • Removes algae, rust, sediment & suspended solids: >99.99%
  • Reduces harmful bacteria (e. coli, cholera, shigella, salmonella, klebsiella): >99.99%
  • Turbidity reduction: >97%
  • Removes guinea worm: 100%
  • Chlorine reduction: >95%
  • Absolute filtration 0.9 micron: >99.99%
  • For particles between 0.5-0.8 micron: 99.9%

Filter removes contaminants in three stages: 1. the ceramic membrane provides sub-micron filtration of fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts & turbidity; 2. silver locked within prevents bacteria growth; 3. inner carbon core removes chlorine & organic compounds.

Replacement Royal Doulton 12 month filter candle available here > 


Approx 22cm W x 51cm H. Holds 10L. Also available in 12L. Browse our other water purifiers.

By on 11 Apr. 2019 (Ceramic water purifier 10L) :

love love love this!

after umming and ahhing over this purchase for so long i'm so glad we finally bit the bullet and got one. makes such a difference to the water and I love knowing that we are getting rid of all the nasties for our little family. looks stylish too. Highly recommend!

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By on 13 Feb. 2019 (Ceramic water purifier 10L) :

Ceramic Water Purifier

Fantastic product. Fresh clean water on tap, and looks good too, perfect.

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Ceramic water purifier 10L) :

Miss this when we're not home

Our tap water has quite a distinct taste and we were often finding sediment in it. I would sometimes even feel ill after drinking it! This has made such an improvement, we really miss it when we're away from home. It's easy to fill and keep clean, and if you keep to a routine of topping it up it rarely runs low (family of three). We like the sleek modern look of this style over the other rounder one, as we have a smallish kitchen and bench space is at a premium. Recently we upgraded to the fluoride filter, and I think the water tastes even better now.

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