Stapleless stapler

A staple device for saving resources. The ingenious stapleless stapler mechanism punches a small hole and tab to fix three sheets of paper together. Never run out of staples again! Only silver available.

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A cool resource-saving device to do away with staples.

The stapleless stapler punches a small hole and tab that attaches two to three sheets of paper together - without the need for any metal staples.  The tab magically gets threaded through the hole in one go.

How much steel is used in staples?

According to the book Change the World 9 to 5 (2007), if every offer worker in Australia saved one staple a day, that would be 88.3 tonnes of steel saved a year.  Hard to imagine how someone calculated that, but they did.

Have a staple free day today with the stapleless stapler.  Or why not give the fun gift of a stapleless life to someone else.


Stapler is made from ABS plastic. 

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By on01 Dec. 2019 :
Title : good
Comment : It is great as there are no staples, but to use it just press down really hard once on a hard surface. the max you can do it 2-3 pages so if you need to staple more pages than that at once i wouldn't recommend, but for me it works great because i don't need that many pages stapled at once
(Stapleless stapler)
By on17 June 2019 :
Title : Good for up to 4 pages
Comment : There is a trick to it - place the stapler on the desk, insert the pages and punch down firmly in one go. Don't have to worry about running out of staples again.
(Stapleless stapler)
By on29 Apr. 2019 :
Title : These things are great.
Comment : Admittedly I don't staple much, but I felt it was handy to have, and a good conversation starter. They are fun, and you feel good using them, but like traditional staplers, they have a limit to how many pages they can do at a time, which is slightly less than the traditional. I still recommend everyone gets one for the office and home.
(Stapleless stapler)

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