Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags - Set of 8


Eight pack of extremely lightweight mesh reusable produce bags. Use instead of plastic bags when fruit, vegetable and bulk-food shopping. A multitude of other uses.  Choose the colour of your pouch.

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you are making a difference:

  • Consuming less over time: reusing a mesh bag instead of using a new bag at the supermarket each time is good news for the environment - and your produce.
  • Bag is made from 100% rPET (recycled plastic drink bottles). This means 60% less energy and 90% less water went into making this bag as compared to similar non-recycled products.


  • Each bag can easily carry 2kg of produce.
  • Each bag measures approximately 25cm x 30cm
  • They weigh virtually nothing on the scales.
  • See-through, making checkout a breeze.
  • Most fruit & veg store better and last longer not sitting in a plastic bag where they can sweat. You can also hang the bags on a hook in the pantry.
  • Once home, you can use the bags as a colander to clean the produce inside.
  • Cool hand wash recommended or they can be washed on a cool gentle cycle in the washing machine.

Also great for: drying your fresh herbs, sprouting, making chutneys, camping, for dry grains and produce from the health food shop, laundry bag for your delicates, see-through toiletry bags for international travel restrictions.

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By on01 Jan. 2020 :
Title : Top product
Comment : These are great! I've bought them as presents too. Easy to use and clean. Only downside is they can stain after having things like unbrushed potatoes in them (and if you don't clean them quickly, like I don't...). Don't leave food in them in the crisper though - food'll get limp, they're only good for carrying, not storage.
(Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags - Set of 8)
By on23 Dec. 2019 :
Title : Fantastic
Comment : These are fantastic produce bags. I love how they fit into a small carry bag with a clip. I just have them clipped to one of my shopping bags so I never leave he house for grocery shopping without them! Great for wringing he water out of grated zucchini too!!
(Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags - Set of 8)
By on28 Nov. 2019 :
Title : Best produce bags I own
Comment : If you don't mind recycled plastic touching your fruit/veggies these are fantastic. They are strong a durable (even coping with me putting them through the washing machine - usually in a laundry bag but sometimes I forget and they are still fab). I've been using my original set for over 12 months and only broken 1 (the string knot came undone so it is sitting in my mending pile to rethread through). Best of all they don't add to the weight on the scales unlike any natural fibre bags.
(Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags - Set of 8)

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