Thanks to the support of you, the wonderful people who shop with Biome, we have been able to help hundreds of environment and community groups, schools, and individuals.  We are a business built on purpose before profit. Our mission is to be part of solving our planet's ecological crisis, and this drives us to support others who are pursuing that common good.  Here are some highlights, plus a long list of more we have given. 

Please contact community@biome.com.au if you have a project aimed at making a difference to people and planet. 

  • Eco friendly micro-finance
  • To take action on the theme of World Environment Day in 2012 'Green Economy: Does it Include You?' we launched a Kiva lending team to support micro-enterprises that promote a more sustainable way of living and doing business. How Kiva works:  you loan min. US$25 to a micro-enterprise in a developing country and it gets paid back over time. Lending teams allow members to rally around shared lending goals. How to join our team: when registering your account, nominate your preferred team, then your loan appears on our team page to spread the word about planet-friendly projects.

  • Restoring our reef
  • Our impact: in the past years, Biome has helped offset the environmental impact of shipping our online parcels by donating to Greening Australia's Reef Aid program.

    The cause: After climate change, poor water quality is the greatest local threat to the future of the Great Barrier Reef. Every year, millions of tonnes of fine sediment flow from eroding land, choking fish and coral, creating algal blooms, feeding crown-of-thorns starfish and reducing the reef's ability to recover from the impacts of climate change. Exacerbating the problem is the loss of over 50 per cent of our coastal wetlands which act like giant kidneys helping to filter the water before it enters the reef. To help stop sediment at its source, Greening Australia works with local landholders to rebuild eroding gullies and restore vital coastal wetlands.

  • Supporting women in environmental leadership
  • Our impact: Biome donated vouchers and products to help Australian marine biologist, coral physiologist and biochemist, Stephanie Gardner, raise funds to participate in the Homeward Bound program.

    The cause: The Homeward Bound program aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet. Homeward Bound Program is a 10-year long program focused on climate change, leadership and strategic initiative to equip 1000 women in science with the necessary tools to proactively contribute to a sustainable future. The 12-month training program culminates in a 3-week expedition to Antarctica.

  • Saving our koalas
  • Our impact: Biome passed on to Ipswich Koala Protection Society (IKPS) $1000 collected in our Brisbane stores for gift wrapping.

    The cause: Since we opened Biome’s first store in 2005, we have asked our customers to make a small donation to an environmental cause when we provide gift wrapping. IKPS runs two ambulances, a rehabilitation clinic and a volunteer carer service that rescues in excess of 180 koalas per year and countless other native wildlife such as possums, wallabies and fruit bats. They maintain extensive records and mapping of koalas and koala habitat, as well as community education and working closely with government to protect koala habitat.

  • Protecting endangered orangutans, elephants and tigers
  • Our impact: Biome donated $1000 to Jakarta Animal Aid Network and Palm Oil Investigations to help fund the transportation and release of Jono, a confiscated orangutan stuck in Jakarta for too many years.

    The cause: Orangutans are beautiful animals share so much in common with humans, but can not speak for themselves. Around 300 football fields of rainforest are felled per day for palm oil plantations, killing around 6000 orangutans every year. Biome is not only palm oil free, but we also actively support many orangutan conservation and protection organisations including Palm Oil Investigations, Orangutan Rescue, The Tangkahan Effect, The Orangutan Foundation and The Orangutan Project. 

Some of the groups we support now and have in the past:

AIESEC Australia - a global youth-led organisation striving to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential by activating leadership qualities in youth.

A Plastic Ocean screenings

Australian Association of Environmental Educators - skills development of environmental educators. 

Australian Koala Foundation's Save the Koala Month in September 

Australian Medical Students' Association - Code Green

Australian Youth Climate Coalition 

Balu Blue Foundation Inc 

Beagle Club of Queensland Welfare Committee - educate the public about animal testing as Beagles are one of the most tested on animals

Questa Game Monthly BioQuest

Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia - rescue and rehabilitate orangutans and return them to forest large enough to support a viable population. 

Camp Quality Giggle Ball

Cancer Council

Climate for Change

Conservation Volunteers Wild Futures program - volunteers roll up their sleeves through expert-approved conservation actions to save threatened species.

Fossil Free Monash - environmental campaign to end Monash Uni's economic involvement with the fossil fuel industry.

Friends of the Earth - grassroots activist organisation for an ecologically sustainable and socially equitable society. 

Greening Australia - conserve and restore landscapes at scale through collaborative conservation programs.

Greenpeace Australia

Ipswich Koala Protection Society - Ambulance and volunteer carer service for injured koalas, possums, wallabies and fruit bats.

Jubilee Australia

Keep Australia Beautiful - litter free environment by running grass roots community programs.

Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF)

Multiple Births Association

Mums For Refugees

Murdoch University Environmental Science Association

Murdoch University Wildlife Association

Ocean Crusaders - mitigate plastic pollution from coastal waterways and beaches, and protect marine life.

One Girl - educating girls in Africa.

Planet Ark National Recycling Week

Plastic Pollution Solutions - educating to engage behavioural change to be part of the solution to the plastic pollution.

Port Phillip EcoCentre 

Public Safety Business Agency - International Women's Day

Queensland Trust for Nature

QuestaGame - Monthly BioQuest

Rainforest Rescue - re-establish rainforests, purchase and protect high conservation value rainforests. Projects in Tasmania, Equador, Daintree, the Cassowary in Mission Beach.

Rise for the Reef

Schools - we support many schools and education facilities through product and voucher donations for fundraisers and environmental projects.

Sea Shepherd - ocean conservation with direct-action tactics to stop the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife.

Seed Youth Indigenous Climate Network - For the Love of the Reef campaign

Share the Dignity - It's in the bag campaign.

South Cape York Catchment - community-based cultural and natural resource management organisation.

Still Wild Still Threatened - advocates formal protection of Tasmania’s precious Southern Forests including the longest running blockade protecting the Florintine Forrest.

Swap the Straw - an initiative to eradicate plastic straws within the Dandenong Ranges.

Swim for the Reef 

The Australian Marine Conservation Society - voice for Australia's oceans protect our ocean wildlife.

The Greens - West Brisbane - electorates of Indooroopilly and Moggill, one of the most active branches of the Greens in Queensland.

The Nature Conservation Council - maximise the preservation of nature through advocacy, education and community empowerment.

The Orangutan Project

The Pyjama Foundation

The Wilderness Society national, community-based, environmental advocacy organisation whose purpose is to protect wilderness across Australia for the survival and ongoing evolution of life on Earth.

Turtle Approved

University of Canberra - environmental team.

University of Melbourne - MDSC Goes Green educational conference.

University of Queensland Oxfam Society - UQ's largest and oldest social justice student society. We offer a 10% discount to members.

University of Queensland Law Society L Card - we offer a 10% discount to members.

University of Queensland - School of Biological Sciences - Sustainability Day

Uplift Project - For women in disadvantaged communities a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. Uplift Project collects new and second hand bras and distributes them where required. Please drop off bras to the following Biome stores: Paddington, Brisbane City, Indooroopilly and Milton head office. 

Volunteer Eco Students Abroad Program (VESA) - works collectively with indigenous village communities to create positive and lasting change through self-funded volunteer projects.


Women in Conservation

World Environment Day

WWF's National Threatened Species Day - focuses attention on a small number of charismatic and endangered species on 7 September which commemorates the death of the last Tasmanian tiger at Hobart Zoo in 1936.

Youth Food Movement 

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