Become a Biome Ambassador

Applications now open! Read below for details and apply via the form at the bottom of this page.


We value every one of our customers who are already our brand champions, but we know there are some of you who are keen to make it a little more official! We've opened our next round of applications to become an Official Biome Ambassador.

No matter where you live in the world, we're keen to hear from you.

I look forward to welcoming you into the orbit of our flower! Like the petals of a flower working together to attract pollinators and produce seeds, humans and nature can work together to create a sustainable future.

— Tracey

Our Ambassdor program illustration is made by our super-talented Marketing Assistant, Janet. Find Janet here on Instagram

After 20 years of growing Biome and the influence of what we do, we have the most incredible community of change-makers who are as passionate as we are about sustainable toxin free living, and protecting our planet's resources.

Every day I am thrilled to hear from you in store, on our socials, or in a lovely email.  And, I know that thousands of you are already telling your friends, family and colleagues about us and advocating for our game-changing solutions.  Thank you deeply!

  • Being part of the Biome Ambassador program has been an amazing opportunity to explore sustainability further with my family, friends, and followers! I've connected with some wonderful people, learned so much, and have been supported the whole way by the Biome team. Each product or idea I get to share with my community is a chance to inspire someone's sustainability journey.

    Sammy @sammyysugar
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed being Biome ambassadors, we have created some wonderful friendships which we have shared ideas together about how to be more sustainable and given each other support. Biome is a company we align with and through this program we have deepened our values. Thank you Biome team

    Tash + Family @our.sunkisseddays
  • I’ve loved being part of a like minded community and get to promote products I genuinely love and can recommend to friends and family. I’m proud to be an ambassador for biome, they’ve always made me feel welcome and I love what they stand for.

    Mandy @thefarrmlife

What is a Biome Ambassador?

As a Biome Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to promote Biome's mission and the benefits of our products, share your eco-conscious lifestyle, and inspire others to make positive changes for the environment.

Our ambassadors will be a diverse group of people who share a common goal.

Biome Ambassadors will receive:

  • exposure on the Biome socials, emails and website,
  • support to build your reach,
  • free products,
  • discounts, and
  • other opportunities.

You will also be on our 'expert panel' to help our team test and review new products, give your feedback on what we do, and collaborate with other ambassadors.

Importantly, we want to help you grow your influence also because together we are formidable force for good!

What do Biome Ambassadors need to do?

Spread the word: Share your love for Biome with your community on social media and other platforms. This could include posting photos of your favourite Biome products, sharing news and updates from the Biome team, and sharing your personal experiences.

Create content: Create content that promotes Biome's products and values, such as blog posts, reels, posts and stories.

Test products and feedback: Our customers trust that the products we sell are high quality, work effectively, and tick all the boxes of our strict criteria, and you will have the chance to be on our expert customer review panel!

Stay engaged: The fabulous and passionate Biome team will work closely with you to build our relationship.  

What attributes do you need?

Number one is a genuine love for Biome and what we do! Plus,

  • be a customer of Biome either online or in store
  • use social media to grow a like-minded community and have your profiles on public
  • be comfortable to create and share content where you talk about Biome and our products
  • be creative, passionate, and enthusiastic
  • enjoy receiving free products.

That's it!!

Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

About our flower logo

A flower symbolises the interconnectedness and interdependence of different elements in nature. Just as a flower relies on sunlight, soil, water, and pollinators to thrive and reproduce, humans also depend on nature's resources to sustain our livelihoods.

By using nature's resources wisely and cultivating them in a way that respects their limits and regenerative capacity, we can build a more resilient and equitable future for all. The flower symbolises this harmonious relationship between humans and nature, where we work together to achieve shared goals!

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