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Mixed compost worms (approx. 1200) comprising Indian Blue, Tiger and Red Worms with eggs, hatchlings, young and adult worms. Worms are harvested fresh on the day they are sent out by Express post and are guaranteed to arrive in excellent condition. Please note these worms cannot ship to WA.

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Price includes approximately 1,200 mixed compost worms, instructions for introducing the worms to your garden or worm farm, and Express postage Australia-wide (excluding WA*). 

Please note, your online order must be only for one of more packs of worms with no other products included*.  Worms are sent direct from the worm farm.

  • *Free shipping will be automatically applied at checkout. Should your order include products other than worms, we will contact you to pay the additional $9.95 postage cost.
  • *If you are not home in the day, please consider delivery to a work address. If not, please look out for a calling card and pick up from the post office ASAP. If you are instructing the parcel to be left, please indicate a shady and safe spot to do so.
  • *We cannot ship this item to WA due to quarantine regulations, therefore we recommend WA customers source worms from local suppliers.
  • Please note that worms will not be posted towards the end of the week to ensure they are not in transit or held over the weekend. Similarly high temperature conditions may cause shipment delays. As high temperatures can distress and possibly kill the worms.

In store: You can also order and pay for worms in any of our stores, where your delivery details will be taken.  Worms will then be sent to you by Express post.

About the worms and transport

In this mixed pack of Indian Blue Worms, Tiger Worms and Red Worms you will find capsules (worm eggs), hatchlings and young worms, as well as adults.  A mixture of species promotes a competitive environment and stimulates breeding and food consumption.

Worms are harvested fresh on the day they are sent out and sent by Express post and are guaranteed to arrive in excellent condition.

The worms are packed in biologically active and beneficial bedding, which will give your worm farm a great start. The safe bedding is a mix of eco-friendly coco-peat and vermicompost which allows the worms to live comfortably for prolonged periods during shipping. The worm bags and boxes can all be fed to your worms, and the post bags are recyclable and can be put in your recycling bin.

Worms are sent in a safe bedding mix of coco-peat and vermicompost that allows the worms to live comfortably for prolonged periods during shipping.

These worms are also suitable for composting toilets and Bioytix systems. 

Re-housing your worms

If you are not going to re-house your worms immediately, you can leave them in the bag in a cool place for a day or two. However, it is recommended that you establish them in their worm habitat as soon as possible. The worms may take a little time to adapt to their new environment and you may find worms exploring the walls and lid. This is completely normal and they should settle in and become accustomed to their new food supply.

Remember the golden rule - DON’T OVERFEED! A good rule of thumb: if there is about 10 to 20% of the last feed left over each time you feed, the worms will know there is enough food to keep breeding, but there will not be enough to become smelly and anaerobic.

By on 16 Dec. 2018 (Compost worms including Express post) :

False Advertisement

On the advertised image showing the bunch of large growing worms. What I received from them is a little bunch of tiny worms that hardly can be seen with the naked eye. Also it is very unlikely that there are 12000 of worms in the package. Also retailer refused to rectify this problem. Therefore I had to purchase another bag of worms from Bunnings which is larger and I reckon there is a larger quantity of worms in that bag plus it is much cheaper. I have learned to never purchase from these people again.

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By on 07 Nov. 2018 (Compost worms including Express post) :

Healthy worms

Great product with fast and safe delivery from QLD to NSW. Our worms are very healthy. You can even re-use the calico bag they come in :)

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