Biome Bamboo Toothbrush Adult MEDIUM

This medium bamboo toothbrush is a minimalist solution to plastic toothbrush waste, with durable Nylon 6 bristles that have rounded ends.  Bamboo handle can be buried or composted at the end of its life.

While the bristles can not be composted, our aim is to offer a resource-efficient, high quality dental care toothbrush.

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Features of Biome’s bamboo toothbrush

  • Our medium brush bristles are made from durable nylon with rounded ends to be less abrasive on teeth.
  • Curve shaped handle that is more comfortable to hold.
  • Handle made from MOSO bamboo, which is not the bamboo eaten by Pandas.
  • Heat treated bamboo, no varnish.
  • Bristles are pressed in rather than glued. 
  • BPA free handle and bristles.
  • Vegan.
We also offer a Soft Bamboo toothbrush with long-lasting superior hygiene PBT polyester bristles that have tapered ends for better cleaning between teeth and gums.   Kids bamboo toothbrush with PBT bristles is also available.

Why use a bamboo toothbrush?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, where as the petroleum used to make plastic is a finite and polluting resource.

Bamboo is able to be buried or composted and will return to organic matter in the soil, while a plastic toothbrush will sit in the environment for hundreds of years before it disperses into synthetic contaminants.

Plastic toothbrushes are not able to be recycled through household recycling systems, so most end up in landfill.  Please note that Biome does offer a complementary service in our stores of taking plastic toothbrushes for recycling.

Why are the bristles not made of compostable material

100% plant-based plastic bristles are much softer and only last for a few days or weeks.  It is exciting that these plant plastic solutions are being worked on, but we also see a role for long wearing bristles on a brush that only needs replacing every 2 to 3 months.  Bamboo toothbrushes consume resources and generate pollution in their production and transportation around the world, and thus it is still wasteful to make toothbrushes to be replaced every few weeks.

If we can convert millions of people to using bamboo handle toothbrushes instead of plastic by offering bristles that meet performance expectations, then this is a massive positive environmental outcome.

We will continue to support and search for compostable bristle solutions.

Compare Nylon and PBT toothbrush bristles

PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) is a polyester compound.  Nylon bristles are more flexible but they a water-absorbent and more easily deformed. Therefore, nylon bristles are generally made more thick so they last long as does Biome's Medium bristle toothbrush. PBT bristles have a tapered needle shaped end to make them more thin and flexible and better for reaching between teeth and gums.  Nylon medium bristles are suited for dentures and people who like a firm brush.

How to care for your bamboo toothbrush and end of life

Allow to air dry between uses, do not encase. Otherwise care for your brush as you would a plastic toothbrush.  Replace every 2 to 3 months or when the bristles have frayed out of shape.  Consider a bamboo travel case for storing on the go.

Bristles can be removed with small pliers before composting.  They are too small for recycling so need to go in landfill.  This is a tiny amount of plastic compared with a plastic handle brush.  Packaging box can be recycled.

More bamboo toothbrushes in our range:

Soft bristle adult bamboo toothbrush made with PBT bristles

Kids bamboo toothbrush with tapered PBT bristles

Bamboo toothbrush holder

Made in China.

By on 17 June 2019 (Biome Bamboo Toothbrush Adult MEDIUM) :

Bristles wear down really quickly

While i love that this toothbrush is bamboo and so lightweight, the bristles wear down so quickly and stop removing plaque and gunk as well as when you first use it :(

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By on 17 June 2019 (Biome Bamboo Toothbrush Adult MEDIUM) :

Long lasting and environmentally friendly

Great quality product, perfect for those who are starting their plastic free lifestyle!

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By on 15 May 2019 (Biome Bamboo Toothbrush Adult MEDIUM) :

Bamboo toothbrush

I like the bamboo toothbrush very much. This is my second one.

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