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Make your own delicious fermented tea drink, bursting with healthy probiotics. This DIY kombucha kit includes a SCOBY (a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), muslin cloth and rubber band. Simply brew a sweet tea, add SCOBY, seal with the breathable cloth and rubber band, then set aside and allow to ferment. The second fermentation will be for adding flavour and making it fizz.

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you are making a difference:

  • Make your own to ease the demand for pre-prepared goods; to minimise manufacturing, transport and waste related resources
  • Natural probiotic drink starter for diverse gut flora and wellness


  • Made locally in Melbourne
  • Creates a natural effervescent (fizzy) drink, filled with probiotics
  • Just add tea and sugar to your own jar/container
  • Easy four-step process
  • Includes a quality, breathable fermentation cloth and a rubber band that will fit around all jars (<30cm diameter)
  • Need decanting bottles? See here
  • Full method and instructions below and here


SCOBY, muslin cloth, rubber band.

Made in Australia. 

For the Kombucha:


  • Kombucha culture*
  • 1 litre water, boiled
  • 5 grams (2 tsp) Green or black tea
  • 50 grams (1/2 cup) raw sugar per litre of water
  • Pot or saucepan (1+L capacity)
  • Glass or porcelain jar (1+L capacity)
  • Rubber band* that fit its jar neck
  • Linen/cotton fabric or cloth*
  • Bottles & caps



  1. Make tea by infusing 2 tsp of tea in pot of freshly boiled water for 15 minutes, add sugar before it has cooled.
  2. Once sugared tea has cooled to room temperature pour into jar
  3. Add kombucha culture and liquid to jar. Don't worry if your scoby sinks to the bottom at first, a new baby scoby will form at the top.
  4. Cover the opening of jar with breathable cloth affixed with rubber band to keep out dust & etc while allowing culture to breathe.

*If you are using a larger container you can simply double or triple these quantities*


The kombucha culture needs a warm climate ideally between 22-28 degrees but should not fall below 15 degrees as a minimum.
Average time is 8-14 days depending on ambient temperature the higher the temperature the faster the fermentation.


The kombucha is at first sweet but this sweetness disappears as the sugar is broken down. If a slightly sweeter drink is preferred the fermentation has to be stopped early. For a dry or slightly acidic flavour let it ferment longer. Taste test to find your ideal point.

The kombucha once bottled will keep for months when kept in a cool place such as the fridge.

For unlimited servings repeat steps 1-4.

Note every few batches you can remove the culture from jar with clean hands and rinse under running cold or lukewarm water… the baby scoby will always form on the top. So to keep the process young & powerful you can compost the parents (big, bottom scoby) and keep using the child.

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