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Kombucha jar makes it easy to make Kombucha, a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast or the scoby. Kombucha tea is made by adding the scoby to sugar and tea and allowing to ferment. Handmade on a potter's wheel, non-toxic glaze & kiln fired. 9 - 10L Capacity. There may be a delay of approx 2 weeks as this item is handmade. 

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Our stoneware Kombucha jar is the perfect medium for brewing and storing your kombucha.

Our jars are individually handmade on a potter's wheel from stoneware clay and hand decorated and glazed with non-toxic glazes and then fired in our kiln to 1280 degrees Celsius. Unlike glass this kombucha jar will keep your brew getting too much light, making it the perfect environment for your kombucha to grow.

you are making a difference:

  • It has been said that kombucha tea can stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer, and improve digestion and liver function.
  • The scoby provides healthy “gut flora” for our intestines. We need good bacteria in our gut for optimal health. A healthy culture of beneficial bacteria will help fight off any harmful bacteria that we might ingest from the environment.


  • Some low fired ceramics may contain lead in their glazes. Our kombucha jars are are hand decorated and glazed with non-toxic glazes and then fired to 1280 degrees Celsius. It's important not to use use low fired ceramics for brewing or storing kombucha, as the lead will leach into your brew. Lead free clay and glaze.
  • No metals should not come in touch with kombucha do not use a metal container or tap. Do not boil your water or tea in aluminium pans.
  • You should not cover kombucha with a lid as it needs to breath, only use a light muslin or cheesecloth material that it can breathe through.  Use a rubber band or tie to hold the cloth over the jar.


The kombucha jar stands approximately 260mm to 270mm high, and 220mm to 240mm wide. 9-10 litre capacity, designed to brew up to 8 litres - allowing room for the 'SCOBY' which will grow to the size of the jar and float on top of the brew.

See our Ready Set Ferment blog post for more details

Freight surcharge: please note that shipments of the fermenting crock to all areas of WA, NT & TAS and some areas of SA, VIC, NSW & QLD will incur an additional freight charge (even for orders over $130 and Express). If applicable, we will check this with you before despatch.  We cannot ship this item overseas.

Please see full ingredients listed under the More info tab.

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