Multi-use, adaptable products for baby that will save waste & money

While they may be little, babies sure do require a lot of stuff! However here are some ideas to help you buy less, including eco friendly products that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family, not just baby. While you may spend a little more upfront in some cases (e.g. investing in modern cloth nappies), overtime you will save money, waste and precious resources too, helping to leave our planet in better shape for your future generations.


Reusable nappies

Modern cloth nappies (also known as reusable nappies) are easy to use, will help you save money, are better for the environment, and are better for babies delicate skin. They feature absorbent inner shell made from natural materials, and are shaped just like a disposable, fasten with press studs around the waist and have elastic in the leg areas to keep mess contained. We love the Baby Beehinds magicall multi-fit pocket nappies. These feature washable bamboo and cotton inserts, and a waterproof outer shell with elasticated edges to ensure there's no leaks. This style of nappy will fit a newborn all the way through to a toddler (4-20kg)! What a money saver!


Adaptable bottles

Pura Kiki bottles, with their adaptable lids, have been designed to be used for years, not months, helping you to save waste and resources. As your child grows, simply update the lid to something more suitable. The silicone lids can be recycled - just send them back to us at Biome. Lids range from natural vent teats for infants, through to sipper spouts for babies +6 months, and lids with silicone straws for older children.

You can also convert any Klean Kanteen classic bottle into a spill-proof, BPA-free, toddler-friendly sippy cup with this sippy cap. Includes a removable BPA-free dust cover and handy attachment loop.


Gentle skin care the whole family will love

Simple and uncomplicated, these gentle skin care products while formulated for babies, can be used by anyone. They are especially great for those who have irritated skin (e.g. eczema or hives) or that are trying to avoid synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. 

Paw paw ointment is commonly used to treat nappy rash in babies, and helps heal and sooth inflamed, chapped or broken skin. Papaya or paw paw is one of the best fruits for skin care, containing rejuvenating enzymes that gently exfoliate and help restore, moisturise and renew skin, it is incredibly effective at treating wounds, soothing bites and dry skin.

Did you know that Lucas's Paw Paw Ointment, one of the most well known paw paw ointment brands in Australia, is actually comprised of 96% petroleum jelly? And that petroleum jelly can cause further irritation, and has even been associated with cancer? Your entire family will love these natural alternatives though, both of which do not contain petroleum jelly, and are safe for babies through to adults. 

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