Pashom Felt Christmas Decorations that support fair trade for a better world

  At Biome we have been selling the gorgeous Pashom felt Christmas decorations for over 6 years now. Established in 2002 Pashom is a Fair Trade business owned and operated by Fiona Chadwick. Whilst Fiona was living and working as a volunteer teacher in Pokhara, Nepal she formed a close affinity with the country and its people as she was captivated by the beauty and quality of the products made by local cottage industries - especially the Fair Trade and ethical/sustainable businesses run by some very industrious and inspiring Nepalese women. Pashom's aim is to provide a unique range of beautiful, quality handcrafted products, whilst supporting and contributing to the sustainability of small Fair Trade cottage craft industries in Nepal. Along with supporting these industries through purchasing their products and ensuring strict adherence to the international standards of fair trade, Pashomhas also created its own sponsorship program where they pledge a percentage of their revenue towards the most disadvantaged employees of the businesses they support, to help pay for their children's educational costs. Its an area of our business we wish to grow over the coming years by helping to create a better world for the families and communities they support. Making customers aware of this aspect of the business with your continued support, our sponsorship program will continue to grow and make a difference, for many years to come. See our range of Pashom Christmas decorations here >
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