Green Pet Products For Your Eco Friendly Pet

Pets can bring much joy to us; not only are they great companions or additions to the family, they can serve as a reminder of our fragile, give-and-take relationship with nature. Biome stocks environmentally friendly, green pet products that build on this relationship to make sure we care for the environment as well as our eco friendly pet pals.


Natural Dog Shampoo

There is no need for harsh chemicals and surfactants to clean your doggo!  In fact, it is much safer for them to be washed using a natural dog shampoo.  Natural pet shampoos are free from synthetic fragrance and preservatives, and petrochemicals.  

    natural dog shampoo for green pets

    Biome's specially formulated dog shampoo bar has incredible natural ingredients:

    • Olive oil contains phytonutrients, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your dog's skin moisturised.
    • Coconut oil - promotes a healthy, shiny coat, adds moisture to the skin and soothes wounds.
    • Shea butter - helps soothe irritable skin conditions in dogs, a natural sun protectant, conditions the fur to maintain and boost shine.
    • Hempseed oil - helps to reduce symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, dandruff and minor rashes.
    • Castor oil - promotes a healthy, shiny coat, antibacterial and antifungal whilst moisturising the skin.
    • Bentonite clay - helps remove toxins and irritants from the skin to relieve itching, swelling, and irritation.
    • Coconut milk powder - improves skin and coat texture.
    • Aloe vera leaf powder - used topically stimulates circulation to create a cooling effect that relieves swelling and speeds the healing.
    • Colloidal oatmeal - pH balancing. Soothes dry, itchy, inflamed skin. Gently cleanses skin and coat.

    Natural Flea Repellent

    Even the very mention of fleas can get the eco pet owner itching. Two green pet products that will help keep your pet flea-free are the Divine Doggy blend from Tinderbox and the Linii Huon Pine flea repellent  These synthetic chemical free products these will let fleas know they're not welcome on your eco friendly pet! Loaded with natural oils these natural pet products smell great too.

    natural flea repellent

     Linii flea repellent  

    Waste Free Pets

    Cleaning up after your pet can be a messy job. BioBag dog waste bags are the world's first fully certified home compostable dog poop bags that help keep waste to a minimum. 

    Go one step further with Ensopet - a Bokashi composting product that helps break pet waste down at home instead of sending to landfill, reduces odours, and releases the good parts into your soil.  Composting at home significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions created from methane coming off landfill.  Learn more about how to safely compost dog waste at home


    Vegan Pet Treats

    vegan pet treats

    This 'food for dogs' vegan pet meal booster by Rascals Treats is 100% plant-based, packaged in a totally compostable resealable pouch, and is full to bursting with real, nutritious wholefoods. 

    Dog Nappies

    dog nappies

    There are many dogs who have medical conditions and various reasons they are incontinent.  Dundies reusable dog nappies are the best invention to remove stress for dogs and their carers, to save waste of disposable nappies and to save heaps of money that disposables cost!

    Gifts for Dog & Cat Lovers

    Gifts for dog and cat lovers

    Biome has some great gifts to explore for cat and dog lovers featuring our furry friends, including jigsaw puzzles, earrings, books and more.


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