The Difference Between Beeswax & Candelilla Wax

Do you have a DIY skincare recipe that calls for beeswax or candelilla wax? Or are you looking for a vegan alternative to beeswax? Well we stock both beeswax and candelilla wax at Biome, both of which are fantastic in their own right. Refer to our quick guide below to help you pick the right wax for you.


DIY Skincare - Comparing Beeswax & Candelilla Wax

Beeswax Candelilla Wax
Suitable for DIY skincare Yes Yes
Suitable for vegans No Yes
Melting point 62-64 °C 68.5-72.5 °C
Fragrance Light honey scent No
Emollient Yes Yes
Humectant Yes - superior Yes
Emulsifier Yes Yes
Hypoallergenic Avoid if allergic to pollen/honey Yes
Bead form Yes Yes
Price per 50g $8.00 $7.50


Beeswax is an excellent DIY skincare ingredient for many reasons. It is rich in vitamin A, which promotes cell regeneration and improves hydration, and also acts as an astringent, emulsifier, and stabiliser. It is often found in DIY skincare recipes that include oils that are liquid at room temperature, or have a low melting point, like coconut oil. Beeswax helps to thicken and emulsify DIY skincare recipes because it is solid at room temperature, and has a relatively high melting point. Beeswax acts as a fantastic humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. It also creates a barrier on the skin, sealing moisture in (making it particularly beneficial in lip balms). Unlike petroleum jelly though, it does not suffocate the skin, but rather allows it to breath. This barrier also helps to protect the skin from environmental toxins and irritants. Our beeswax (beads) is pure, twice filtered and has not been bleached. It is packaged in a reusable glass jar with a steel screw top lid.


Candelilla Wax

Candelilla wax is a plant based wax and a suitable vegan alternative to beeswax. Although it makes an excellent DIY skincare ingredient in its own right. Like beeswax, this unique wax has quite a high melting point, and acts as a stabiliser and emulsifier in balms, creams, salves and lotions. It is skin conditioning, easily absorbed, odourless, and rich in nutrients. It also provides a wonderful gloss and lubricity to lip balms. Candelilla wax is a bit denser than beeswax, so you will have to adjust your DIY skincare recipes if you are substituting it for beeswax. It is recommended that you use half the amount of candelilla wax as beeswax since it has twice the stiffening powers. So if a recipe calls for 1 cup of beeswax, use 1/2 cup of candelilla wax instead. Our candelilla wax (beads) is derived from the leaves of the small candelilla shrub native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. It is 100% natural and refined (filtered twice), and packaged in a reusable glass jar with steel screw top lid. You may have heard about beeswax food wraps to replace plastic cling wrap in the kitchen. Well we now stock vegan plant wax food wraps too! These amazing vegan food wraps are made from cotton, two plant waxes (candelilla and soy), tree resin and jojoba oil. No more plastic cling wrap required! Find them here.


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