5 simple ways to achieve an eco-beauty routine

If you have a bathroom full of plastic shampoo bottles, cosmetic containers and plastic exfoliators, don't worry, you're not alone. There are a number of ways you can achieve a simplified eco-beauty routine, and we are here with our suggestions. Whether you're interested in healthier ingredients for yourself or the eco-system, we have some great alternatives. Not only will you help your health and the planet but you can also save money with these simple steps. 5 simple ways to achieve an eco-beauty routine

Here are 5 ways you can achieve an eco-beauty routine

1. Use up what you have

There is always the temptation to go out and replace everything with eco-friendly alternatives immediately. But, it's actually better for the environment and your purse to use up what you have first. A little pain for longer term gain. You can then feel especially virtuous that you've ditched the packages in the recycling bin where possible, or via our TerraCycle beauty product recycling program, and can now go shopping for eco friendly alternatives. A range of alternatives are available, including body and face; makeup; shampoo; dental care and natural exfoliators like sponge or pumice

2. Package free soap and shampoo

Did you know that shampoo and soap can come with minimal to no packaging? The alternative to normal shampoo is shampoo bars that look like soap but act as shampoo. Our lovely, fragrant bars lather nicely but without palm oil, SLS or other harmful ingredients. Biome's Surprise & Shine natural shampoo bar, which is made of natural plant oils such as Coconut, Sweet Almond, Olive, Petitgrain and Mandarin is a popular option. It is a great, package free bar that helps all hair types stay shiny including dry, itchy scalps. The other handy benefit is that a little goes a long way, helping your back pocket. 5 simple ways to achieve an eco-beauty routine - Biome Eco Stores Also available is Dindi Naturals travel shampoo soap in a tin. Yes, this is a type of packaging, but Dindi Naturals sell refill bars for the tins so it is not a throw away pack. The rosemary and mint bar is a favourite to uplift both your hair and skin, being a general all over cleanser. This awesome product gives a lovely result again and again when you refill your tin. 5 simple ways to achieve an eco-beauty routine - Biome Eco Stores   Other shampoo bars we stock are packaged in cardboard which is recyclable. Shop our shampoo bars here > For package free body soaps, Biome stocks a wonderfully nourishing range, completely free of wrapping. The avocado and macadamia body soap is a perennial favourite with super moisturising ingredients. It also has a lovely, gentle ylang ylang scent. 5 simple ways you can achieve an eco-beauty routine - Biome Eco Stores Shop our natural body soaps >

3. Make your own beauty products

Biome's Naked Beauty Bar Blog is a wonderful resource for making your own natural beauty and cleaning products. YouTube and Pinterest are also great resources. You might also like to join our Facebook group: Biome's DIY Natural Beauty Bar. 5 simple ways to achieve an eco-beauty routine - make your own DIY skin care products with Biome's Naked Beauty Bar Blog Biome stocks a huge range of ingredients in our Naked Beauty Bar in-store or online. Check our some of our favourite recipes, including our DIY Dry Shampoo; Make Your Own Face Serum; Make your own Orange, Poppy seed and Coconut DIY body scrub to name a few. By using eco-beauty ingredients from the Naked Beauty Bar, you are saving on packaging, and harmful ingredients. Plus, you can get creative and have fun.

4. Go No-Poo

Short for ‘no shampoo', proponents of the no-poo method state that after a time of the ‘greasies' the hair then becomes self-cleaning. As you are not stripping your hair with 'normal' cleansing agents, your hair becomes stronger and shinier. It is also the ultimate healthy, eco-beauty solution with no petrochemicals going near the scalp where they are easily absorbed. After your hair goes through an oily transition period, the oil production balances out. You can then go much longer between washes and use healthy ingredients for yourself and our waterways going forward. ‘Normal' shampoo usually contains petrochemicals and surfactants that can cause algal bloom and the death of aquatic life. Going ‘no-poo' also saves you time in your busy day. Check out our blog post here for 5 steps towards going ‘no poo'

5. Cutting down on showers

Lately, the news is filled with stories that sound like something out of science fiction. A large urban city – Cape Town – is actually on the brink of completely running out of water. They have severe water restrictions, so showers are now a luxury there. Water scarcity is a result of global warming. What can we do to ensure this doesn't happen in the future and help the eco-system? Cutting down on showers and/or the amount of time in a shower is a great step forward. There has been a push by government authorities to educate about this issue, providing egg timers as a shower reminder and educating school kids on the issue. It is not anti-beauty to cut down on showers. Long, hot showers contribute to broken facial capillaries for one thing. Washing less lets the bodies natural oils come out, regulating over time. This means that the skin doesn't dry out as much and is healthier and smoother. After your shower, apply some jojoba oil from a reusable bottle and seal in the moisture with the natural skin-mimicking wax esters found in Jojoba. 5 simple ways to achieve an eco-beauty routine Simplifying and going back to basics with a beauty routine is achievable. The earth and your body will love you for it. We hope you took some ideas from our five simple ways to achieve an eco-beauty routine. Have you got any other suggestions? We love learning more so let us know in the comments.
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