• Make Your Own Bi-Carb Free Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

    October 10, 2017 • BEAUTY, DIY RECIPES

    Our bi-carb free natural deodorant for sensitive skin, with its nourishing shea, mango and cocoa butters, detoxifying clay and absorptive arrowroot, will control odour while leaving underarms feeling soft and nourished. It is quickly absorbed and won’t leave white marks either! You can even re-use an old deodorant stick container, helping you to send less waste to landfill.

    If you’ve tried to make your own natural deodorant and found that your underarms react to the bi-carb soda, you’re not alone. While many people can handle natural deodorants that contain bi-carb, some people are sensitive to it.

    But did you know there are other ingredients that are effective in absorbing wetness and controlling body odour besides bi-carb? Ingredients such as arrowroot, bentonite clay and coconut oil are excellent.

    Our bi-carb free natural deodorant contains a range of beneficial ingredients, including:

    Beeswax: Provides a barrier of protection while still allowing the skin to breath. It will also help the deodorant stay solid.

    Shea butter:  Rich in soothing vitamin E, shea butter moisturises and protects the underarm area.

    Mango butter: Deeply moisturising like shea and cocoa butter, and packed full of natural antioxidants, that nourish the skin.

    Cocoa butter: Softens, soothes and strengthens the skin, and helps to heal dry, damaged and sensitive skin.

    Coconut oil: Antibacterial and antifungal, skin softening, protective, with cooling properties.

    Arrowroot powder: Absorptive, and good for those sensitive to bi-carb.

    Kaolin white clay or bentonite clay: Absorptive and detoxifying, and a good alternative to bi-carb.

    Essential oils: These are optional. Omit the essential oils if you have very sensitive skin.

    You will see in the photo above that we have used an old Schmidt’s deodorant stick container. You could also use a glass jar or a silicone mould. If you are using an old deodorant stick container, be sure to wash it out very well, leave it to dry completely, and wind the stick down so it’s down the bottom.

    You can also purchase a deodorant stick container online here >

    As this recipe include clay, do not use a metal container or utensils.

    Find the recipe for our bi-carb free natural deodorant below.

    Make your own bi-carb free natural deodorant - Biome Naked Natural Beauty Bar

    Bi-Carb Free Natural Deodorant



    1. Place a large mason jar or glass jug into a saucepan with approximately 5cm water in it. Into the mason jar or glass jug add the beeswax, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. Turn the head to medium and stir constantly until melted.
    2. Remove the mason jar or glass jug from the saucepan. Add the clay and arrowroot. Stir again thoroughly until well combined. The clay should be completely dissolved. You may need to place the jar pack on the heat to achieve this.
    3. If using essential oils, add them to the mix and stir.
    4. Let the mixture cool for a minute before pouring into your container.
    5. Allow the deodorant to set.

    How To Use

    Deodorant stick – apply as normal.

    Glass container – apply a thin layer with your clean fingers and rub in until it’s invisible.

    Store out of direct sunlight. Use within 12 months.

    This recipe makes enough to fill 2 x 120ml glass jars or 3 x 90ml empty deodorant stick container (you could use an old, clean and dried Schmidt deodorant stick container).

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