BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags)

World's first certified compostable plastic bags. Suitable for standard household, kitchen tidy bins. Helps the environment by allowing waste to decompose in landfill. 25 bags.

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The world's first certified, fully biodegradable and compostable plastic bags.

Roll of 25 bags. Dimensions of bag: 60cm long x 51cm wide. Suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Other 'degradable' plastic bags on the market are polyethelene bags with a percentage of plant starch or additives. Degradable bags break down into pieces of plastic debris that do not compost.

To avoid misleading claims and be sure that the bags you purchase will actually biodegrade rapidly and safely, look for independent certification. Our bags are fully certified to EU OK Compost and US standards to be 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. They contain no polyethylene.

Interesting info about these bags:

  • Completely biodegrade after 10 - 45 days depending on the method used — compared with 50 or more years for normal plastic bags;
  • A better choice for rubbish, because normal plastic bags slow the natural process of the rubbish biodegrading;
  • The bags 'breathe', reducing the weight of the by up to 25% in 5 days. Ideal for collecting food waste for composting as they reduce smells, stop mould growth and the waste dries out making it easier to compost or worm.
  • Certified by the Biodegreable Products Institute (BPI) and DIN CERTCO;
  • Made of a material called Mater-Bi, which consists of cornstarch, biodegradable and compostable polyester and vegetable oil.

Please remember, these bags still need to be responsibly disposed off in your rubbish.

Made in Norway.

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By on 14 Aug. 2018 :
Title : Okay
Comment : Works fine for those who have used bio degradable bags before.
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 09 July 2018 :
Title : Perfect
Comment : I dont use bin liners much but when i do these work so well!
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 07 July 2018 :
Title : Not very durable
Comment : I am very conscious of using plastic that isn't biodegradable but unfortunately I won't be buying these again. They did not hold up very well and every time I removed the bag from the kitchen bin it broke and split. I think the bag is too biodegradable that it doesn't last the week. The rubbish always ended up falling through the bottom of the bag and created a big mess.
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 29 May 2018 :
Title : Love them!
Comment : Such a great option instead of plastic bin liners ending up in landfill. They do tear easily, so we've been careful not to burden them with too much rubbish. However, having these biodegradable bags means never having to use plastic bags again!!
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 13 Dec. 2017 :
Title : A great product - will keep buying!
Comment : We have no more plastic bin liners in our house thanks to these bags. Yes, they require careful handling, but that's a small thing for avoiding plastic. We've gotten used to it, and have not had any tears. This size fits our kitchen bin perfectly. They are a little bit porous, so I've just had to clean a bit of moisture from the kitchen bin, but again, it's no drama when the benefit is avoiding plastic.
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 02 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Love it!
Comment : I am very happy I found these bin liners to get rid of single use plastic. Perfect size for our double kitchen bin. They are not so strong as normal plastic liners, but still enough strong for use. Will definitely order again. Thank you! :)
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 06 Oct. 2017 :
Title : Fabulous choice for small commercial accommodation
Comment : We were so pleased to finally have found a biodegradable bin liner suitable for our small accommodation business. These bags suit our cottages perfectly. We use a combination of a scrap bin (food scraps), recycle bin and a general waste bin with a biobag bin liner. We have not had problems with the bags breaking. I hope this product comes back into stock!
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 10 July 2017 :
Title : Ok for what it is
Comment : You have to make sure you don't pack these too full as they are not very durable and some of them are already torn down the seams before you even use them. Not a terrible product and definitely worth the bit of muck around to avoid using plastic though
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 14 Jan. 2017 :
Title : Great concept but not practical unfortunately
Comment : I bought these to start reducing plastic but unfortunately they don't hold up well in a kitchen bin. It just breaks apart and rubbish goes everywhere. And for the price per bag, I can't afford to keep using them, when I end up needing another regular plastic bag to clean up the mess.
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 30 Nov. 2016 :
Title : Not bad
Comment : Considering they are super thin, they hold up ok. They can't get too heavy, otherwise they break. Out of the 25 bags, one was already torn all the way down the side as I unrolled it, which was a little disappointing. But since we are helping the earth by using these instead of other plastic, then I'm happy to keep using them.
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 20 Oct. 2016 :
Title : Perfect size for bathroom bins! Perfect company for bins that need to have some form of temporary 'lining'
Comment : I am so happy I found this brand so I can get rid of single use plastic in my life but continue to line certain bins that need a lining. If they get wet you will need to change within 24 hours as they start breaking down pretty quickly .
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 06 Oct. 2016 :
Title : Not strong enough
Comment : Unfortunately, I have been unable to tie the bag and drop it into my big bin, even when the bag is half empty. It is not strong enough, tearing easily.
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))
By on 22 Sept. 2016 :
Title : Great for the environment
Comment : I love this concept. Our only issue was it's not all that durable, so depending on what you are throwing out in your bin, anything with sharp edges may tear the bag.
(BioBag biodegradable plastic bin liners 30 litre (25 bags))

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